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  1. It's been a few days since I've had the opportunity to check my Email, and wow....I never expected this much feedback on this forum! I have gotten so much information, and inquiries as to my asking price. I will be honest, I came here to get expert information and advice before listing these online to sell, as I don't want to post false information. I make it clear now, I do not even yet have these in my possession, they are still set up in my sister's condo several miles from here. I'm only doing my homework ahead of time for when she moves and they end up in my house, at which point it will be easier to do things like taking off the grills, and confirming what type of wood this is. Someone mentioned maple, and that was my first guess, but after reading the original price list, I noticed that was not an option. Blond (white) mahogany seems to be the best theory here. I'm no wood expert but I'm a fan of interesting wood. If I may tell the unrelated story of my grandparents' dining room table, which was custom made using a solid piece of timber that had sat at the bottom of a logging river for over a century. We still don't know what kind of wood it is, but we know that much about it, and that the year of the cut and the logging company was still stamped at the end of the log. I will be taking the easy way on selling these, and placing them on auction at some point in the near future. I will let bidders decide what they are worth. I may also sell off the entire entertainment center they are hooked up to, which is an Empire turntable (not sure of model # yet) a Marantz Model 19 receiver, and a BSR EQ-110x equalizer. I would like to thank everyone on here though, by offering cash back to the buyer who mentions being a member of this site, for being so helpful. I'm doing pick-up or delivery only, as I do not trust any freight company with these. If you should make a bid and win these, do not forget to let me know and you will get your discount. How much I do not know yet but please trust me, I'm a fair guy.
  2. I've edited the original post, and I will say it again here: my location is Lexington, KY. I do not have these speakers at my home, they are currently at my sister's place for the next week, since I gave these to her a couple of years ago. She's since decided to move very far away and has given them back and I just do not have the space for them right now, otherwise I would hold onto them for life! Those of you whom I've not sent photographs, please Email me and I'll send you a set of them. All photos look like the same one but mind you, they are a pair and I've pictured both equally, just not labeled. Notice the 3-way grills and the signatures on the back. One is from 1958, the other, 1959. I also have the original catalogue for these on file. I'm unsure of the wood the housing is made of, but of the selection on the catalogue, my guess would be the blond prima vera. serial number is 837 on one,excellent condition. serial number 930 is the other, same condition, minus an obvious cigarette burn on the top that's been there for at least 30 years and you can see where someone very desperately did their best to polish it over.
  3. To follow up on my own post from several days ago, I intend to send photos to all inquiries I've received, because I can't post any photos, as far as I'm finding out since I'm new here. I joined to find these speakers a proper home, and make sure they never make it to the home of some ignoramus who has no idea what he has, nor to a pawn shop. I will give nobody an asking price right away, because I'm unsure of their value yet, but know they are very far from cheap, having THE best options offered in 1960--after digging up the original catalogue.
  4. These have been collecting dust in my uncle's home since 1960, were not used much, and are in excellent condition. I will be listing them on Ebay soon, ans will be looking for either pickup buyers, or someone on the eastern half of the United States to deliver to, because I do not trust the USPS with these. They are Model S 15's with Ortho Drive, about a meter tall, complete with turntable and equalizer, more info on those soon. If anyone would like photographs, more information, or precise measurements, which I will post later anyway, please Email me at lexkyrunner@hotmail.com My location is Lexington, Kentucky. Someone on here mentioned being from Cincinatti, and that's the closest town to me yet! I will let these go anywhere in the world, to whomever is willing to do a pickup or cover any shipping. For the right price, I'll deliver them myself. The asking price is still up in the air, but thank you to those who've given me advice.
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