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  1. Hey there, so I have a few questions that I am hoping that someone might be able to answer. First I am considering buying a pair of heresyII that were made in 1985. the cabinets a pretty beat, water marks and scratches. I am ok with this I wanted to build new cabinets anyway. 1- my living room is pretty small, any reason I should not make the cabinets smaller? would it adversely affect the sound? It looks like I can loose about 1.5" from each side. 2- the speakers I am looking at are rated at 4ohms nominally, all the literature that I see is about 8 ohm speakers. what is the difference, and any reason that I should stay away from the 4 ohm ones I have found? 3- I like what I read about the Jolida fx-10 amp would this likely be a nice combo? http://www.jolida.com/product/glassfx/fx10 is there enough power to play jazz an rock&roll lps? Thanks for your help. Cheers Matt
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