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  1. Thanks Neil. The file went through. Steve
  2. Thanks. I did quite a bit of digging on the forum before I built these. My understanding is that they get the best dispersion in the position I mounted them in. Steve
  3. Thanks again. I think I am in to these for about $1800. I wish I had Klipsch bass bins but that wasn't going to happen. If anyone has good Klipschorn or Speakerlab plans I would be interested in a copy if it's no too much trouble. Steve
  4. Thanks Dave. Here's a pic with the grills on
  5. Thanks for the complements. It was allot of work. Most of the work done you cant see. Closing in the backs and painting everything satin black etc...
  6. I will spend some time tomorrow trying to figure out how to post multiple pictures
  7. These started out as factory built speakerlab K's. Klipschorns are hard to find around the Vancouver BC area and if you do find a pair they are well over 2,000 for beaters. I paid $600 for the pair of these as a starting point. I had hoped to do a build thread but my wife deleted most of my pictures off the camera. She thought I was done with them. I finished them in Rosewood. I had a 4x8 sheet of 3/4 mahogany core I bought years ago out of the local buy & sell for $100. I bought a 3x8 sheet of veneer off Ebay for the bass bins. I had enough left over to do the edge banding on the tops. I am lucky my dad has a well equipped work shop. He helped me out quite a bit. The bass driver is the speakerlab 1508S, the mid range driver is the speakerlab (sorry can't think of the part #) AlK universal and Crites tweeters. I am very happy with how they turned out and they sound great. I hope when I hit the post my pictures show up.
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