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  1. Picked up a working, well maintained Academy this morning for $250. Super excited. Have eye on some kg-2's for rear. But unfortunately I can't even hook this big speaker up yet! That Academy is heavy! So now it is on to picking out an A/V receiver. Like to go vintage again, but with all the streaming and internet capabilities in entertainment now I'm probably going to want something that will head more in a technolgy direction.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I have another opportunity locally pop up. A full HT set of 2 KG3.5's plus a KSC-C1 center and a KSW 100 sub....Thinking I could pick that up and use my KG-4's as rears....
  3. I've searched and don't quite see what I'm trying to determine. So sorry if this is old news to many.... I'm one of those late 80's sound guys that put away thier system during kids. I'm now getting ready to pull out my old KG-4s (in great shape by the way) and pair them with good center, sub and rears. I'm mainly concerned about the center. I know the standard recommendation is the KV-3. But my questions are 1) I have a local KV-2 for a good price. Does it hold up OK with the KG4's or too small? 2) Speaking of size the current RC-42II fits perfectly in my entertainment center. But again is that too small? 3) Do any of the current series pair better with the old KG series? Now that I'm getting back into it I can see maybe modernizing some in a couple of years. And if anyone wants to throw out recomendations for sub, rears and a new AV receiver...I'm listening. Thanks in advance.
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