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    Bob Carver - Vacuum Tube Company - Cherry 180's - tubed monoblocks
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  1. History: I have 2 La Scala Floor speakers on a nice wood flooring in my Living Room. The sound coming out sounded like it was resonating from the wood to wood contact. I put little rubber feet (the wood and rubber air conditioner isolation pads actually) at each corner of the speaker to isolate the speakers...it sounded better but still resonated. I then put little cut up carpet samples under each speaker and it appeared to sound even better...so that is where its at right now. OK, I want to get the best sound and I was told by a audiophile brother that I should buy isolation spikes for the best performance. So, I researched it and there are tons of stuff to pick up your speakers / amps off the hard surface. Question 1: Should I get a metal spike with disc's (and drill holes in the bottom of my speakers... .)...or a wood cone type of isolation spike and use double sided tape to affix it to the bottom of the speaker cabinet? What is a audioholic brother to do? Thank You. Bruce
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