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  1. Hey Pete, they are definitely surprising! Especially in my small house, I have them paired with the ksw15, it's awesome lol. I'm sure the grills you have are in better shape than mine!
  2. I actually did check with klipsch about the grill replacements and they no longer have them. They were very helpful and sent the badges that go on the bottom, but the plastic piece they go in is gone to so I don't have a way to rig em up lol. Thanks for the replies and if you guys have any ideas, they are greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi! I'm brand new to the website so I hope I'm not posting in the wrong place or asking a question that has already been asked.. I've recently picked up an older pair of Kilpsch RP3's that are in fantastic condition minus the speaker grills. I've searched and searched for replacements to no avail. Does anyone around here have any idea where you could pick something like this up if it's even possible for a speaker this old. Thanks in advance!
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