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  1. Speakers have been sold; thanks to those who contacted me.
  2. James, Thanks for this info. We'll be on the lookout for these. Sorry we didn't have them. Hope you enjoy the speakers. Windie
  3. I've listed a pair of Epic CF4s in Knoxville, TN for $525 on Craigslist. I'll sell them along with an Adcom GFA-555ii amplifier and monster cables for $600. Speaker boxes appear to be in good condition; a little marring of the wood finish on top. Both grills present and in good shape. I can't confirm overall condition of the speakers, but believe they were functioning very well for a recently deceased family member. Photos attached and the craigslist announcement includes pics of the amp. Thanks to forum members who helped me gather a bit of info about these items. http://knoxville.craigslist.org/ele/4168479050.html
  4. Welcome to the forum! The CF4 is a stout speaker that makes tons of bass. The largest speaker in that line, actually. Pics would help more accurately put a value on them. They have an issue with the cabinets coming apart over time. Have you noticed that anywhere? Especially the back. In absolute mint condition, clean grills, good corners, no cabinet issues, all 4 drivers functioning, etc.....you may see $800-$900. That would be top dollar I would say. $500-$700 would be what you could expect. That's my opinion though, someone else may have a different opinion. If you can, get some pics up, I'd like to see them! Thanks so much for your response; very helpful information.
  5. The speakers are in Knoxville, TN. The wood is cherry. They belonged to my brother who loved them, so I think they are in good condition, but I can't confirm. I'm trying to determine an asking price range, which is why I came to this forum.
  6. I have inherited a pair of Klipsch Epic CF4 Speakers which I need to sell. I had intended to post them on Craigslist, but know nothing about their value. Feel free to laugh at my audio ignorance, but I'd appreciate any advice!
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