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  1. Hadn't planned on it. The 5 channels amps I am looking at our for future expansion, and it was part of the plan anyways. In my reading most seemed to suggest against bi amping so I have not really messed with it. Taking the Outlaw 7500 for example, it is pushing 240w/channel at 0.1% distortion, while being rated at 200w/channel at 0.05%. Thats a ton of juice and it has two transformers so there is plenty in reserve. Just figured Id hook em up straight and save the other channels for later.
  2. Yeah, that is the Denon 4520ci. It is a hoss too, but I am just sold on amps, even with the Klipsch. That first outlaw 125w one drew me in.
  3. That is the first amp I owned and I loved it. One reason why the 7500 is also on my list of targets.
  4. Thanks. I always avoided 80 because of THX thinking and power concerns. Once I bought an amp the feeling was you should be able too. I just never played with it on the 82ii's. I figure I should at least try on the 7ii's.
  5. Yeah, it took me a few weeks to get current towers right. Spacing was tough too, too far out and it was just weird. Def toed in toward MLP sounded best. I also find I liked them setup somewhat equidistant. I think my towers are 8.5 feet apart, and 10.5 feet from MLP. Will start the same with the 7ii's. Evidently, one request from Gen 1 to Gen 2 was for Emotiva to lower the gain. Since doing that, the hiss is gone from what I've read. Another nice Amp, at about $1599 (up from $999 for XPA-5) is the Outlaw 7500. I still havent ruled it out, you can get a b stock for $1479. It is a hoss, and I will have to decide in the next week or two which one I want. I owned an Outlaw once, and I love them, so it'll be a tough decision.
  6. It was nice to see the 82ii's and 7ii's are the same depth, the 7ii's are just a little more wide and a good clip taller. Mine of course are toed in now, but I have about 11" from the wall. With those dual subs sticking out farther, I could probably get away with another inch or two off. I have been happy with the XPA-3 and the 82ii's, so I think the XPA-5 will do a good job. I think their generation 1 amps had some hiss with Klipsch, but the gen 2 I have is quiet.
  7. Cool. Ill have the 200w/channel, so maybe it can handle 60hz. Ill have to do some testing. I found my 82ii's work great toed in and about 10 feet apart (10.5 feet for MLP). Should I assume these 7ii's would setup about the same. I can only get so far off the wall, but I have some distance.
  8. LOL. So do you guys run at 60hz for HT or 80hz, with regards to the RF7ii's? I gotta think they just want 60hz.
  9. LOL. They are actually fine, it's just the flying toys and slobber that irks me LOL
  10. I wish I could leave em naked all the time, but... We have two bulldogs and a boston terrier...
  11. Thanks, and yeah I did edit to reflect all speakers are "II's". Surprised how the weight varies between the 82II's and 7II's. Here is the before pic:
  12. Super excited. 4 years ago when I bought my Ref II stuff I really wanted them but had to settle for RF82's, not that they are bad by any means. With some help today I found a great deal, and after mulling other upgrades I pulled the trigger. Setup now: 4520ci XPA-3 RF82II's RC62II VTF15's Will be: 4520ci XPA-5 (trading in XPA-3 next week) RF7II's RC62II RF82 VTF15's Will buy RC64II in 5-6 months. Man this is gonna be fun.
  13. Alabama. I measured some good action scenes, and with the two subs, I hit around 116db's on crazy scenes during stuff like bayformers, but the high's never feel like volume is too high. Audyssey dials my 82's back about -5 and the 62 back about -8. About 11 feet away from the speakers. Room is over 5500cuft in volume which is why I added a second VTF15.
  14. Yeah, since moving into this home, we have always been around +2.0 to -1.0 for blu-rays. My plan once we build an HT room is to run the RF82II's as rears, and then have RF7's and the RC64 as the front 3, powered by the 7500. Been planning this out for awhile. I've pretty much bought all I can fit in the current house for now. I would move the RC62II and new/cheaper towers to the new living room and use them there, with the better setup for HT. That is kinda why I think currently, just selling the XPA-3 and getting the 7500 moves my plan along. I can always grab the RC64 this summer, plus if a new model does come out there could be some discounts. I do not intend on buying the RF7's until the house is being built.
  15. No, tower is out. I'm actually in a dilemma right now, becuase my 3.2 will becoming a 5.2 soon enough. I may hold fast on the center upgrade and get the 5 channel amp I want now(Outlaw Model 7500), sell the XPA-3, and then get a new center in the summer. Also curious as to whether the RF7 and RC64 see new models late this year. To be honest, I love the sound now, and have an extra $1500 or so, so I figured 5 channel amp or larger center. I did find I liked the X4000 + outlaw 7125 vs the X4000 by itself, so it may be best for me to stick with seperates and get the large center when it does not mean sacrificing the amp. I generally watch movies about 0.0 reference on the denon (with XT32 calibration), so we are pretty loud. I felt overall that at high volume levels, the 7125 added more dynamics and clarity to the sound. But I know that is a whole other discussion.
  16. I initially had an outlaw 7125 amp and denon x4000 (preamp) running my system of 2 RF82II's and a RC62II When the 4520ci's dropped to $1000, I did a swap which consisted of 4520/preamp and Emotiva XPA-3 and that is what I currently run. My issue is that I am tempted to upgrade to the RC-64II and replace the RC-62II, just not sure the amp will still fit. I have not tried it but I imagine the 4520ci is more than enough juice for two RF82's and a RC-64, but kinda looking for some advice here on thoughts. Long story short, I think the RC-64II would be a worthy upgrade, but some things need to change in my setup. I guess the main question is, if I do that, hows a 4520 sound with an RC-64II?
  17. Watched a DD 5.1 show off the tivo. First reaction is, instead of maybe feeling a little off balanced, I feel like Im in the center of the room, even though Im not. Its like when I put my Klipsch head phones on, sounds like whats coming in both ears is "equal". Definitely made a difference, no doubt about it. Doesnt feel weighted to one side.
  18. Love it. To the right of the tv it opens into a dining area and kitchen, makes a T shape. All that measured is like 5300cuft and it was a real upgrade from a 12" Hsu I had. That 12" pounds in my buddys man cave. Im going to add one more VTF15H to even out the room and help pressurize it a little more.
  19. Thanks. Gonna get everything put away now and run Audyssey before the wife gets home. She has a thing Thu night so I intend on throwing in a blu-ray movie and cranking it up.
  20. OK, I was able to get the speakers about 8 feet apart, and they are about 9.5 feet from the MLP. Best I can do keeping in mind I have one big sub and have to add another. I also found the center was slightly off center, so I fixed that. From the MLP, the angle to each front is about 23.5 degrees, and from what I read most recommend 22-30 degrees. After a lot of messing around, I toed them in a little more than planned, more aiming for my inside shoulder in each of the two seats my wife and I use. Here are some pics: Setup Shot of my recliner, the MLP (table) and where my wife would sit on the couch Shot of laser from right speaker across my armrest. Kinda tough to see, but this is kinda where the right front is aiming Left front aiming
  21. On my side, the right, I have my recliner. On her side, the left, is the couch she sits on. In between us is a small round end table, which I always measure as the MLP with Audyssey XT32. We are always in there together for movies and tv, so the middle is "fair" and is the end table. I think toeing in for my right side at my right shoulder, and the left side at her left shoulder is smart and should be an improvement over what we have now, and Ill try that tonight once I get them arranged out in a triangle.
  22. Thanks. My thinking is they are spread out and fire straight, and both are on the outside of us so its not ideal. Since there is no MLP, Im adjusting for two, I have to make some concessions. At the end of the day, i think some toe in should add to the enjoyment vs none, but I could see where going to far too the middle ( aiming in between both of us) could cause an issue too.
  23. Thanks. I think Ill use the triangle for placement of them with regards to distance. As far as toeing in, I think going all the way to aiming at the MLP since noone actually sits there, could be a mistake. I sit on the right side, and my wife on the left. I may just want to angle them in where they aim out our outer shoulder, maybe a little more. I think the sound could be improved over them firing forward as they do now. Obviously I hear the right speaker a lot because its on my side, and not as much the left. I'd like to correct this if possible.
  24. Yes, I plan on one more VTF15H (room opens to huge area so lotta cuft) and RS for surrounds.
  25. Right now, its a 3.1, with a VTF15H sub. Klipsch are powered by a X4000 Denon (used as a preamp) and a Outlaw 7125 amplifier. Now that Ive got all the new gear I kinda wanted to make sure I placed my speakers as well as possible for running Audyssey XT32. I read one easy way of setting the toe in is making sure you can see the throat of both horns from the MLP. Ill make sure my center channel is centered perfectly with the end table, since we sit on each side of it, then measure out from there for front placement.
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