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  1. Thanks. I printed off a copy of a protractor since I dont have one, and could use a laser to center 90 degrees on the center and tape it down on the table to help with angles for the fronts. Equilateral triangle makes it easier! Im not sure if I can get 10.5 feet apart, but I think I can get 9 maybe a little more so that should be good. I read the horns are fairly directional so toeing in was a good idea, just wanted to get some input. I think about about 7" off the wall now, but I can eek some more out of it.
  2. Front section consists of 2 RF82II's and 1 RC62II. Towers are about 10.5 feet from the center listening position which is actually a round end table. My wife and I sit on each side of it. At that distance, how far would you recommend they be placed apart? Toe them in at center list. position or fire straight out? How far do they need to be off the back wall (no side walls)? Have carpet over concrete, spike vs no spikes? Or does it even matter? Thanks for any help.
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