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  1. Corner horns and a center Belle. What a fantastic find! Congrats!!!
  2. To all of you who were kind enough to respond to my request for thoughts on upgrading my 1978 K-Horns: First and Foremost: THANKS for all of your thoughts and recommendations! Here's what I've learned: 1. What a passionate group you are! The pride you take in your gear is obvious; it's also refreshing that each of you have put together a different set of components to maximize your personal listening pleasure. 2. Having had the corner horns for 35 years and watching the initial impression of friends, neighbors and guests as they saw and heard the K-Horns for the first time allowed me to think I was one of the 1%. Clearly I am not. I'm running these speakers with another set of small Klipsh Tangent 30's, a 15" Klipsch sub and an old Pioneer Reference Amp. Even though I really don't know any of you, I do hope that the makeup of my system has not made any of you ill. 3. I'm a retired military officer without a working knowledge or appreciation for things such as: - Caps (just what are these Mr. TigerwoodKhorns?) - DE-250's - PEQ's - Dayton Poly replacements - Etc, etc. 4. My first passion lies with old corvettes and Harley's so my budget for any speaker upgrade--hold on guys, this is where I'll probably disappoint 50% of you--has to be measured against my ongoing 65 vet restoration. 5. All that being said, most of you do think I should contact "Dean" for a demo (as a minimum) of new crossovers. Wish I knew more about what that $700-$1000 will buy me but I do love the idea of trying before buying. Thanks again guys. I wish we lived on the same neighborhood (can you imagine pooling our equipment together for a block party)! All the best, Tom Lucas
  3. Hello and greetings from yet another cold day in Minneapolis. Wondering if anyone might be able to weigh in on the benefits of upgrading an old pair of Klipschorns. I purchased these speakers (new) in April of 1978 and they still perform as they did 35+ years ago, however, over the course of time I've heard about upgrades to these speakers. Just wondering if there's anyone out there who has taken the plunge and could offer some thought on: - what are the components of the upgrade? - is the audible difference worth the money? Many thanks, Tom Lucas
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