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  1. holtrp

    Best DIY subwoofer?

    Glad you are happy with your subs. They look awesome. I have my 4 set up about 1/3 along the front and rear walls. I am not 100% on tuning and just haven't gotten around to it yet. I've done a little tweeking and run Audessy but that is about it. One thing is for certain: I honestly feel like I finally have more bass than I know what to do with. I hope it stays that way. Any more subs is going to require an additional 20 amp circuit and will most likely result in actual structural damage to my home. Next stop: LFE Buttkickers
  2. holtrp

    Best DIY subwoofer?

    Parts express and DIY soundgroup sell a bunch of flatpacks for sealed subs that are pretty popular. Full Marty is the undisputed champion of the world for cheap, easy and epic output though.
  3. holtrp

    Thanks for the help everyone, need a bit more

    You are on the path to enlightenment, but don't forget about the HT secret sauce... subwoofers
  4. holtrp

    Best DIY subwoofer?

  5. holtrp

    New home theater

    Projector vs TV will be a pretty big factor here, it's going to be a big part of the budget either way you go. 4k / HDR isn't quite there yet in my opinion when it comes to projection and what is available is fairly expensive. I think the performance you get from your speakers using an outboard amplifier is worth it, but I am sure YMMV. And that said, the bad thing these days is preamp/processors are considered higher end with generally better features so you are almost better off just buying an ARV with preouts on it. Make sure you think long and hard before buying. I have bought stuff in this hobby only to turn around and sell it within a few years because I was ready to upgrade or didn't really keep the end game in mind. Consider shopping on Craigslist, forums, ebay and even doing DIY subs. Your money will go so much further it is totally worth it.
  6. holtrp

    Starting a Home Theatre

    Second the center and subs being most important speakers in a system. The center channel just does so much work. Sub(s) is the most impactful, immersive addition to a theater. You can get a lot of stuff wrong, but if you have solid low end, it is going to be immersive and impressive. Towers are important, but arguably not nearly as much unless you listen to a lot of stereo source stuff. Least important is surround speakers.
  7. holtrp

    Starting a Home Theatre

    I think atmos is fantastic and would highly recommend it. Even if you aren't using it for atmos content, you still get a bigger sound from 5.1 - 7.1 material with the extra speakers. No replacement for displacment when it comes subs. 2 x 12" ported klipsch subs would be an absolute minimum, but I am addicted to bass so there is that. As for what and where to purchase, your best bet is buying used gear off of craigslist. As long as the speakers were not abused, they last forever. It would be hard to buy anything at a brick and mortar anymore regardless of how good of a price they offer, knowing that as long as I was patient I could find whatever it is for 50% online used.
  8. holtrp

    Epson 5040UB vs ???

    If I was forced to buy a 4k projector today it would probably be between the the new Optoma UHZ 65 (Laser + full 4k) https://newatlas.com/optoma-uhz65-4k-laser-projector/51639/ Sony VPL-VW285ES And Epson 5040UB. I really want 4k, but I want better prices, more 4k content, full 4k and possibly laser / better HDR implementation before buying. Going to hold off for at least another year.
  9. holtrp

    Best DIY subwoofer?

    I have been very pleased with the HO. I think when I bought the UM was also out of stock. Honestly though, I don't think it would be any order of magnitude better then the HO at this point. Looking forward to seeing your build. From what I have experience with, the Full Marty is the meta of DIY subs when considering, value, cost, simplicy, and output.
  10. holtrp

    Best DIY subwoofer?

    I just got finished this week converting my 4 flat pack Dayton HO's into Full Marty cabinets that I built myself. The output on these things is simply unbelievable. To speak to your project, I spent about 6 months working on these cabinets. I could have gotten it all done in about a month but summer time tied me up quite a bit and kept me from finishing. The toughest part about building your own cabinets, if you choose to go this route, is getting straight, precise cuts on 8'x4' sheets of MDF which is a pain in the butt to work with when you are alone. I ended up doing it with a 10' straight as an arrow piece of trim as a guide, a skilz saw and two C clamps, there is a good video on Youtubes about this method. Measure twice (or maybe even 3 or 4 times) and cut once. Also, turning your garage into a woodshop is a bit annoying. The second worst part was keeping everything square when gluing them together. Unfortunately, they don't just 'go together' as easily as a flat pack does. I ended up using an embarrassing amount of wood filler in a couple spots because being a 1/16" off on a cut + not being perfectly square really messes stuff up. You'll also need to invest in a router and an orbital sander, clamps, glue, foam mattress padding or pillow filler. All in all, it was a fun project and I certainly learned a few things along the way and would do it again. I took a trip a few months ago and I have a buddy that has been doing kitchen cabinets for 20 years. When I showed him my project and what I had into it he laughed and said he could probably knock out all 4 in a couple days. LOL.
  11. holtrp

    Loving this sub

    Beautiful design, I love that heritage Klipsch look. Has anyone measured this thing yet? Any spec sheets? They should send one to data bass to see how it stacks up.
  12. holtrp

    Need help solving subwoofer issue

    If you sub works with 5.1 sources but not with stereo, it is likely a settings thing. No idea why denon would think that people wouldn't want to have the sub going with stereo source material but I know on mine that was a setting that I had to change manually from time to time. I want to say it was somewhere in the LFE menu or channel settings.
  13. holtrp

    Need help solving subwoofer issue

    Check your sub settings on the AVR. On my Denon 3808, there was a setting in one of the menus where you could turn the subwoofer off for certain inputs, so if 5.1 was detected, the sub would come on but if 2.1 was detected, it would go off unless you override it.
  14. Personally, even with the lack of Atmos content available right now, it sill makes a meaningful difference in overall performance in my setup and I am glad I did it. And it is just a matter of time in that regard until more soundtracks, video game, etc start coming with 'object based audio'.
  15. Sorry, been busy today. Yeah, I don't see why it wouldn't. It is tough to find from within the klipsch website, but you can google RB-51 and it should take you to the archived page which has spec sheets where you could compare frequency response and specs with the newer stuff. I highly doubt the R-15M is vastly different from the RB-51 or RB-51II. I do remember seeing some ceiling mounts but it might not have been at Parts Express. Check Monoprice, pretty sure they will have something if PE doesn't Just be careful to not exceed the weight rating and get your lag bolts / screws into a solid stud. My bookshelves aren't super heavy, but I know the RB-61 was less than 5lbs under the weight limitation when I was still researching what I wanted to do.