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  1. No advice here, but I'm following. I've been researching HT seating for sometime and I've narrowed it down quite a bit, but as for actual manufacturer and pricing, I'm not confident. Good Luck!
  2. Thanks to all for the input, it's looking like I'll be putting 3 RF7III's behind the screen. I'll take daily shots of the build as it is progressing. Part of a larger home modification that we are making, so I don't suspect I'll be posting any pictures for 3-4 months. Looking forward to showing off the builds and then the final system when it's done though!
  3. My plan is 100% to go behind screen, but I've never really seen or been exposed to a 3 tower system. Pros / cons? I think the cost will be pretty close to the same if I go 2 RF7III and a RC64III vs. 3 RF7III.
  4. Based on those images you attached (which I removed), I definitely prefer the IIs over the IIIs. I'm in the process of planning my HT room and I am going with the IIIs as they will be behind a false wall along with my RC64III and my AVR. It's fortunate that I'm going this route and not showcasing the towers. I would be disappointed as I think the IIIs are a slight step backward in the overall visual appearance.
  5. Well maybe I'll have a little one before
  6. I'm dying over here. Kids Christmas play at 6:30, then I'll be getting into the Glenfiddich!
  7. Thanks for the input Tim! I'm still on the fence, but I need to decide soon, as I need to work this into the budget to make sure WAF isn't an issue!
  8. Overall budget is around $7K - $10K (maybe more?) I found RF7ii for $2K, RC64ii for $1K, I have my rears (RF82ii) already. I'm going to assume @haydukej was right on pricing for the Epson and screen, so round up that's another $1K. All that and I'm at $4K. So I've got $3K - $6K for an AVR (or separates) and surround speakers. I keep hearing about atmos, but I have no idea what that is. Quick search showed Klipsch has the RP-140SA I could put on top of my RF82ii for another $1K. So I'm down to $2K - $5K for an AVR, but I guess I still need the surrounds? I currently have a pioneer, and I've heard good things about their elite series. Anyone have one that could provide feedback? Side note, if there are AVRs that have apps where I could use my phone to control the AVR, that would be awesome. With kids, I've gone through many remotes, but I manage to keep my phone out of their grubby little hands usually!
  9. What about Emotiva? I had always liked that brand from a aesthetic perspective, but with no first hand knowledge, I'm not sure it would be the equivalent to the Outlaw 500 mentioned above. I'll be doing my own research here, but just wondering if there were any thoughts?
  10. Would Epson 2150 + 120" Silver Ticket Screen meet your criteria? I've researched tvs and audio extensively (although my separates memory is quite fuzzy) but I've never seriously considered/researched a projector.
  11. Epson 2150 + 120" Silver Ticket Screen? You were also recommended for pricing out a package. I live outside of STL, could you help a fellow audioholic out?
  12. Thanks Hayduke. I'll start researching those items. Do you have that amp/pre-amp setup, or just a preferred setup you've seen used? I haven't made a determination on whether to go projector or large UHD/SUHD tv, but I'll check out the Oppo. Note, my existing speakers are 82s, not 83s, although I definitely wish they were 83s!!!
  13. I should also mention that I have a bottom feeder AVR currently with my RF-82IIs in a current home theater room. They could be used for the surrounds potentially....
  14. I haven't been to the forums in a few years, so my knowledge isn't fresh on home audio (parent of four young kids, work, etc...). I'm about to undergo a home addition and I have a bit of a clean slate to develop a new home theater room. Dimensions on the room are not set yet, but I've got a $7k - $10k budget for my home theater. It will be 99% home theater usage, I expect little to no other usage. Because of this I'm leaning towards the new RF7s and RC64 along with ?? surrounds and dual R-115SW. I really need help on determining whether I should go pre-amp & amp or just a nice AVR. I'm leaning AVR for the simplicity, but I'm looking for suggestions here as well. Looking forward to the fantastic feedback from the Klipsch community that I remember!
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