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  1. The cost of the speakers I am actually getting them at cost. So I am actually getting really lucky on the pricing already. Which is why at the moment I have been going back and forth trying to figure out what other components to get. How would you guys rate the performance of the SW-115??? I know subs to a certain level you wont be able to hear that much of a difference, but in terms of sheer behemoth of power I can always go higher, but then I will be getting closer to MSRP. As per the AMP, buying used may definitely be the way to go if I can get some really good deals. Thx for the suggestion @youthman
  2. Yea the sub purchase is the one I am going to be most worried about. LOL I have heard and read reviews on the PB13s and from what I have read and seen they can essentially shake a good portion of your house. With the craziness of planning on adding a second one, I know I am just thinking for over the top. As per amps, any suggestions you guys have? I have read a lot on emotiva as being more budget friendly in terms of amps, but I have considered even looking at the anthem amps as well.
  3. Hey guys So I am recently upgrading my HT slowly, where I just purchased the RF-7 II and RC-64 II for my speaker system. The room this is going in is actually the master bedroom until the basement becomes furnished. I am currently picking up the Pioneer Elite Receiver SC-77 and plan to add the RS-62 IIs to the rear of my speaker set within the next 2 months. Now the question I have for you guys is the following: Would it be necessary to add a amplifier to this setup, as I know I can push more power into the speaker? Also in terms of sub-woofers, what would be your recommendations? I had originally eyed 2 X SW-115 to this set, but also read some reviews about the SVS- PB13s? Thx Eric
  4. hey guys so i have read this forum for quite a while now and you have honestly made my decisions that much easier. So I should be receiving the RF7-II and RC-64 II today however here is the problem, I currently only have an entry level pioneer elite (vsx-42). From my understanding, this receiver is more than likely going to be way too under powered for these speakers. What would be the better option to go for me now? I was planning on either upgrading the receiver to the SC-77 or getting emotiva xpa-5
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