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  1. Thanks Bruce for sharing. My room has quit some bass absorption, so there is not too much bass with the Cornwall. Playing on Harbeth SHL5 the sound is a little bit thin. regards Troels
  2. Rytmik

    Cornwall in Denmark

    Living with Klipsch Cornwall. A new speaker for me.
  3. Hey Tarheel Also pretty much the size of my room. How does your LS sound verses Cornwall?
  4. Hiey Mustang guy. From Denmark, but Was in Croatia in last summer :-)
  5. Thanks Sancho. It seems to me, that you have a pair. How big is you room, and how is the sound verses Cornwall?
  6. Sounds great. A little bit dry, I thing it´s the italien amp. Would like to try valve amplification, when I can afford it. More 3 D and space, than i could imagine. I thing the La Scala looks great, and wonder if the room is to small for them.
  7. Thanks billybob. Dimension are: 5,63 meters x 5,93 meters. 33,4 kvm. and I have a listening position. I have uploaded a picture of my room. Thanks for helping :-)
  8. Rytmik

    Hartvig TT

    From the album: Cornwall in Denmark

    Danish turntable
  9. Hi there I´am new owner of the Klipsch Cornwall. How is you experience with room size for Cornwall and La Scala. I´am interested in La Scala, but don´t know if my room is big enough? My listening room is about 40 yard (34 kvm) Thanks Rytmik :-)
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