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  1. Bill, Thanks for the welcome and quick reply. The room is 20x15x10 and tiled. The entire setup is to the left most side of the room, next to a sliding glass door. So if facing the TV, sliding door > sub > L main > tv stand with center > R main. The mains are not toed in, just facing the couch straight on. I'm thinking of some decorative pads or at least an area rug to start for sound treatment. The room is not ideal, but have to work with it for now. Yes, would love to get more bass in 2.0 mode until I get a better sub (suggestions are welcome, in fact, solicited.) I also tried with subwoofer, LFE+Main, crossed at 120 and the sub did not cut it. I'm in Chino Hills, CA. Thanks again, G
  2. Hey folks, I'm new to Klipsch and curious as to how or what the settings are to get the most bass out of the RF-62ii when playing music. It is awesome for movies. The speakers are about a foot from the wall. Audyssey is set. Setup: Denon X2000 Klipsch RC-62ii - Center Klipsch RF-62ii - Fronts Polk Audio Monitor 60 - Surrounds Polk Audio PSW10 (to be upgraded soon) Besides setting the fronts to small, crossed at 80, are there other settings I should be playing with? Dynamic EQ is on, Dynamic Volume is off. LFE at 120. What are the preferred settings in Stereo mode? Thanks in advance. G
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