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  1. it sounds like Pioneer and Bose aren't popular choices?
  2. Setting the fronts to "small" seemed to help. I see no "plus" option for the sub however.
  3. They were given to me quite a while ago, and I decided to use them to save some money I will try messing with the speakers "large/small" settings manually
  4. Ok, so I have no experience with setting up home theater speakers or fiddling with receivers or anything like that. I have done a bit of car audio, but that’s it. I purchased 2 KF-26s, a KC-25, and a SW-350, and have a set of Bose Acoustimass speakers to use as rears. This system is being powered by a Pioneer VSX823. I have it all set up and ran the MCACC or w/e that is, but I'm simply not impressed... Since running the ACMCC the subwoofer unit seems to no longer be in use while listening to music (and yes, it is on), Music sounds best using the "extended stereo" setting, which doesn’t seem logical, but the rears barely seem to do anything on any other setting, I tried playing blu-rays on my PS3 but the vocals sounded muffled and no surround sound settings seemed to feel like actual surround sound... have I messed something up horribly? I would appreciate any advice.
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