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  1. All, Thanks. I indeed went back to my 'supplier'; they first said 'we take it, repair it, it will take around 3 weeks'. He keyed in the infomration ... but the computer-system 'said': 'refund it, or give a new one'. I looked for a new one in the store but apparently KMC-1 is not sold anymore, worse: no other Klipsch-systems I could choose from. So ...I got my money back. That was a short membership @Klipsch ;-)
  2. Hi, Bought this one 1 month ago. Works perfect ... until yesterday. Wanted to use it in te morning, does not switch-on anymore. No issues the day before. Was on the same place. Charging: no lights/indicators. Touching or pressing or holding the soft-on on the top: nothing. The charger itself works, it delivers 12 Volts as expected. Is there a fuse somewhere? Anyone?
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