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  1. HI. Hope someone can help. This is a strange issue.... Bought Klipsch 5.1's, had-have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card. When I play several songs and all is going well, after a transition between songs all of a sudden I have lost almost all of the fidelity and volume on the left side of my speakers. So, I go to the Santa Cruz control panel and into the main volume settings and slide the balance slider back and fourth and the sounds come back, sounding great. At the next song I am back to loss of fidelity-voluime in left, to control panel, jiggle slider, sound comes back....next song same thing...wait have to do it now.....damn this is pissin me off. So, I unistall drivers and all software, reinstall and all is well for several songs then back to the same problem. Then today I went and bought a whole new bloody card and you guess it....all is well for several songs....back to step 1....WTF? Is it the card? Software? Went to TB web site and there are no such complaints. Is it my speaker system, the amp? any help would be appriciated. J This message has been edited by Jay Inglee on 12-21-2001 at 12:01 AM
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