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  1. Yup, I am thinking the same. But the thing is not many have the ceiling speaker capability so if you are getting an ATMOS not sure what help it would be for those without ceiling set up. I have a dedicated theater and I am interested in ATMOS but wanted to wait until I get the chance to put in the ceiling speakers before I look for the pre/pro as I am sure it will take some time before I get the ceiling speakers installed. -Sen
  2. I was hoping to sell it and add a subwoofer. So one more try, reducing the price to $925 (plus shipping and fees). Hope this interests someone. -Sen
  3. You would need to go to the Set Up screen and increase the db for each speaker including subs using the inbuilt pink noise generator. Basically whatever you are watching will be muted and the pink noise will play for you to adjust similar to Marantz. Thanks. If it doesn't it will be my back up unit. I thought I will reduce it to the max I can, now lets see whether it interests anyone.
  4. Just trying to encourage people to buy locally if possible and reduce any risks as I can demo the Integra and the buyer can give cash instead of paypal. Other than that shipping is not much of a concern as I have the boxes and packages ready for it. -Sen
  5. Oh yeah I forgot put that in. Thanks for reminding. Local would be 19335 . -Sen
  6. Hi I am selling my gently used Integra 80.2 (9.2 with Audyssey MultiEQ XT 32/pro) . I started with Onkyo 3007 and used it for a year and bought the Integra as I wanted to go separates but within a year I switched to Marantz AV8801 as it provided a way to run all 11 speakers at the same time. For me the difference between Integra and Marantz was just that, the number of channels Marantz provides output for is 2 more than Integra. Other than that the sound quality has been equal between both. Anyway, the Integra I bought was a refurbished unit (the reason they gave was that it had some minor cosmetic things) but in amazing condition. In order to make sure the buyer does not need to go through any HDMI issues I already have it sent to Integra and have them replace the HDMI. It comes with the latest firmware as installed by Integra. I am asking $1000 reducing it to $925 (plus shipping and paypal fees). Anyway, please send your offers. Note: I have the original box and the audyssey mic etc. Also, as I had success in selling my RF-82s here in the klipsch forum I thought putting this ad here also would be worthwhile. I have bought and sold through AVSFORUM and bought a lot through ebay. So there you have my feedbacks, if needed. Please ping if you have any questions. Thank you for looking. -Sen
  7. The speakers are still available. Thanks -Sen
  8. Yes it is. I replied to your PM. Thanks -Sen
  9. I reduced the price further to amount I am ready to let it go for. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks -Sen
  10. Reduced the price to see whether there is any interest.
  11. As I have bought new speakers I am selling these. I have bought these around 4 years ago from a local audio video store. Have been used in a dedicated home theater, no pets and a smoke free environment. The RF82s have a small scratch on the top (hard to see but wanted to highlight that) due to the normal wear and tear. No problems with sound. It has been used 99% for movies and remaining for music. Other details: These are not the II version. These are black versions. Local preferred (Downingtown, PA 19335). Cash if possible but can accept paypal if we can split the fee. Price: RF82 (pair) - $600 + shipping and fees (I still have the boxes so should be able to ship them but will do that only if local sale is not possible/delayed) Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer as quick as possible. If interested you can stop by for a demo. I would need to set it up but can do if you are interested to hear that. Thank you for looking. -Sen
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