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  1. I haven't done the subcrawl yet because.... well... just because I haven't! I tried moving everything forward to equidistant distances and the imaging on the mains is considerably better. The subs have lost all of their punch, so I'll have to keep playing with them. I'll do a sub-crawl as soon as I get home, and I'll need to test with only one sub as well. Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks for the welcome and the feedback Derrick. I have an Onkyo TX-NR929 and I used the Audyssey auto-calibration. I haven't tweaked the phase settings on the subs yet, and am using the auto phase control on the amp with results I'm fairly surprised at. As it stands, with the auto-calibration the bass is present, fairly clean and very underwhelming. Very light in the way of LFE on movies or gaming, and music is clean, bu the bass is not well balanced. If I turn up the subs, it seems a little boomy, XO is set at 40, though it appears Audyssey sets a XO for each channel pair? On a side note, is it better to use the gain directly on the sub for volume or a slight increase from the amp? I went with GIK Acoustics room treatments, and I've got corner bass traps floor to ceiling in the front behind the mains, panels on the side walls and three more bass traps on the back wall. Due to the room dimensions, the speakers are currently set in an acute triangle, not an equilateral. There's a door on one wall in between the speakers and the MLP but otherwise is sealed off. Love to hear any feedback! Here's a pic from the MLP if it helps.
  3. Hi everyone! I have a pair of Klipsch Quartets with the Bob Crites upgrades and I'm working on placement with my SVS PB-2000. The room is 21ft x 11ft and the seating is about 13 feet back from the screen. Does anyone have any experience placing these? I've currently got them about 2 feet off the ground and placed in the corners. The SVS subs are placed just on the inside of the speakers and up against the walls. I'm not happy with the sub placement, and I feel like the distance from the speakers to the seating and the shape of the room has a significant effect on the sound stage. I'm wondering if I should take the speakers off the stands and move them up closer to the seating. That would allow me to move the subs directly into the corners and I think would impact the imaging on the mains. Any thoughts?
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