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  1. And yet I've chosen not to accept their offer. I wonder why that would be? Randy, you've transposed value with cost. I'm certain you can understand that value is a highly subjective topic when dealing with high-end audio equipment. The fact I found an exceptional deal on a $1000 subwoofer has nothing to do with the value of what I purchased; because I paid what I did doesn't mean the subwoofer is suddenly devalued. Buy low, sell high ... and if I can save a few bucks in the process, why not? Klipsch made their money when they sold their product to the dealer, so I should feel lucky they decided to honor their warranty? In this case, I prefer to place value in keeping the superior product ... it turns out that eBay was fruitful today and I've found a replacement driver. (Thanks jjptkd!)
  2. Thank you, Bill. I'm not certain I'm ready to give up on this one just yet. I appreciate the heads up.
  3. Yes, I did send you an eBay message on that one a few weeks back. It would be a good match for mine as the cabinet is flawless. Maybe I could use it as an end table if I don't get the driver issue worked out?
  4. Wow! That would be awesome if you found one. The guys on the phone were pretty adamant about not having parts for that sub. They also didn't want to play the "upgrade" game with me ... so it looks like I might be hanging onto this one for the time being.
  5. Thanks ... looks like he's not going to mess around with shipping.
  6. That's some "sound" advice there, WVU! I appreciate that. Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes when I found that RSW for the price I did. Turns out that an audio dealership was closing its doors due to a death in the family and they were liquidating their stock on hand.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome here!
  8. You are correct. They were 82's and I think they eventually sold for $375 after being on the list for about 10 days.
  9. Yeah ... that'd be me! Now if I had the extra money I'd have bought his RF-62's as well.
  10. Thanks, Bill. Obviously the game has changed a bit after realizing my mistake. I'm not familiar with the SW-310 at all, so I'm not sure what it stacks up against these days.
  11. It has no scratching sound of a burned VC, if that's what you mean. It's very smooth. No burned smell of any kind. Also, there appears to be no re-cone kit available for the cerametallic drivers.
  12. Hold the phone, guys! I stated the wrong replacement subwoofer in my original post. My apologies. Klipsch stated they will replace my RSW-10 with an SW-310, NOT an R-110SW. That's a huge difference right there. Getting old stinks! Anyone else get confused with all the different model numbers? Anyway, the SW-310 has had favorable reviews ... and some not so favorable. Sorry for the confusion. I've edited the original post to reflect the correct subwoofer.
  13. Absolutely. Multimeter reads zero at the 200 Ohm setting. I also have an 8" woofer I connected to the amplifier just to make certain it was working. I'm guessing that one of the leads woven into the spider broke. It's hard to imagine the voice coil going out on one of these things without causing damage to the amp.
  14. I just stumbled upon the forum here today. It's good to know that Klipsch has an officially sponsored community. I'd like to bounce a small dilemma I have off the forum and gather some opinions on the subject. I own an RSW-10 which was purchased brand new almost three years ago. This is remarkable being that the subwoofer has been out of production since 2008. Imagine my surprise when I found one of these beauties brand new and still unopened four years after it had been discontinued. You ready for the punchline? I only paid $400 bucks. I came home one day last month to find that my RSW-10 was producing no sound whatsoever. My wife explained that one of our young nephews had accidentally turned the sound all the way to the max on the subwoofer and there was an audible "pop" just prior to the driver's demise. They were watching Transformers II. Enough said. After digging into the unit I determined that the amplifier section was operational and that, in fact, the 10" driver was dead. Good gosh this driver is a thing of beauty... but right now it's just a beautiful paper-weight. My dilemma: After providing my purchase information, Klipsch has, rather amazingly, decided to honor my warranty. They have agreed to replace this unit with an SW-310 after I send them back the broken RSW-10. Obviously the driver is no longer being produced, so they can't just send me a new one. So after checking out some of the reviews and specs of the SW-310, one could imagine why I'm a little less than enthusiastic to give up my RSW after just getting to know her. So then I thought about simply replacing the driver with a quality one from Dayton Audio. The driver I'm considering is a Dayton Audio, part number: RSS265HO-4. They have one which appears to be pretty much spot on to the Klipsch original. The cast aluminum frame of the driver appears to be identical, even down to the six-hole configuration. The specs appear to be in line, and for $140 bucks, I could have a near exact match for the driver ... minus the black anodized cone of course. So, what to do? This leaves me to either wait for a "used" Klipsch RSW-10 driver to show up on eBay one day, take Klipsch up on their exchange offer, or buy the Dayton audio 10" driver. What would you do in my situation? Any thoughts on the notion? In the meantime, I have temporarily replaced the damaged subwoofer with an RW-12d that I found on Craigslist for $175 - in mint condition. It's just not quite the same. The RSW-10 has more depth and a lot more dynamic power than this RW-12d, and, I would imagine, a lot more to give than the SW-310. Thanks for indulging me. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:
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