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  1. Thank u for the advice I couldn't read it before but I did read it now and I'm looking it prices. Thanks again
  2. sounds like you may have fried the amplifier or the power supply - the components can be replaced -electrical smell can also entail that a part has shorted - it is better to unplug it and avoid using it as this can cause a fire - better be safe - Thanks for the advice but as soon as I smelled that I unplugged it from the outlet. How would I can I find out which part is the one that needs to be replaced?
  3. I appreciate the advice but I don't feel safe dealing with someone that's known as a guru..I jus need some real answers . Thanks though
  4. I've owned my set of Promedia 5.1 Ultra's for almost 10 years and only had one problem with the amp once. Now after so many years of great music my subwoofer isn't making bass and there's a strange electrical smell when I turn them on. The bass turns on and off and now my center speaker doesn't sound. My question could it be a fuse or is it the amp that's finally given out? Any recommendations or advice would be very much appreciated.
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