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  1. Seems like I have 12 inches... Still, the rug is quite soft + there would be a few objects on the way from the sub to my ears, while the satellites would be right in front of me... I know that <80 Hz sound is non-directional, but with the size of the satellite speakers I suppose the crossover is set higher. Will I get a balanced sound? As far as the purchase goes, as I live in Europe I'm kind of limited to European offers only.
  2. That's what I though about it in the first place... I can take the photo but there really is no space in any other direction...
  3. Well, I have no doubts about that. The question is if it will manage with such placement, which, I believe, is far from optimal.
  4. HI, I'm considering changing my speaker setup. As I need rather narrow speakers, I was considering a 2.1 setup to get decent bass. The problem is, I don't have too much place for a subwoofer. It looks like this: Free space is 26cm x 26cm (10in x 10in), which would accomodate the Promedia sub but as you can see: a/ on the left it would be actually almost touching the printer b/ on the right it would be 2-3 inches from the couch c/ at the back there would be approx. 10 inches space d/ front will be basically almost touching my legs e/ it would not be standing on the floor, but on a fairly thin piece of metal In this case - is it even plausible to think about the 2.1 setup, or will I be better off with 2.0 speakers?
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