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  1. I finally got to listen to the speaker setup. Work has been so busy the last couple days that all I got to try out was the 11:00 news. Tonight I fired up Dave & Tim @ Radio City in Dolby TrueHD. This is a great show. It sounded great! really happy with the setup. This is a concert movie, so pretty much all front stage except for some audience in the rear channels. Next up will be an action move to see how that is. i'm thinking Star Trek Into Darkness or maybe Batman TDN.
  2. Hi. OP here. The RC 62 ii came today and it is installed. Haven't had any time with it as I got home late. It's a very nice speaker. Size is good for what I wanted. Hopefully I will get some time in the next few days to give the setup a good listen.
  3. IMO the RC 62II would match perfectly. Same 6.5" drivers and 1" tweeter. Horn looks to be same size as well. Also a good cosmetic match if you have the grills on.
  4. I really appreciate everyone's very helpful responses here. Ive been kind of agonizing over this and have made my decision and ordered the RC 62II. They both had their pros/cons. The pros of the 450 was that is was a cosmetic and timbre match to the RP-280s. The con was more expensive and the big con for me is the footprint. I just dont like the huge footprint of the 450C. Its even 2" deeper than the RC64 II. I really wish that there was a RP 260C. I would have got in in a heartbeat. The Pros of the RC 62II is it is a great price, has a much more reasonable footprint for a center channel. It has the (nearly) same 1" tweeter but a bigger horn. People all seem to say it has fantastic clarity which is the main thing I'm looking for. Even Scrappy had this to say on AVS clearer sound with the 62ii. larger horn equals larger sound with the 62ii. front ported with the 62ii and that to me is a huge advantage. 450c is sweet looking. a mini 64 if you will but i believe the 62ii is the best bang for your buck center klipsch has. if you can still find it. The con with the 62 is it is not a cosmetic or timbre match to the RP 280. I think the sound will be fine. I've looked at this and it seems to me its not going to be an issue. IME the center sound with dialog is rarely in the center and LR at the same time. I think the biggest reason to have timbre match would be for multi channel music. I listen to music in 2.1 so not a use case for me. Its not like they are drastically different speaker designs from different manufacturers. In the end, mainly the smaller footprint, and better clarity won out over the cons. I will report back how I like it once it is set up Thanks again for putting up with me.
  5. I'm trying to understand the timbre matching. My mains have much larger drivers and bigger horns than any of the centers being discussed. If I were to truly match my mains it seems a 3rd 280 would be the only way to do that. I appreciate the advice and am not trying to be argumentative. I just don't understand how any center speaker with different driver tweeter and horn sizes are a match anyway. Is there an article that explains this?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I don't think I want a wide CC like the 450. What I would want is a RP-260C but Klipsch doesn't make it. Even at a good price I think the 450 would also be more than I'd be willing to spend on it. I know where I can get a RC 62 ii for $300. I'm thinking of that one. It seems to me some this matching is taken to extremes. Even what I have now is made my same manufacturer in the same time period with basically the same design. It can't be that far off. A 62 ii seems like it would also work well for the same reason I think I'm in the minority as I run my speakers with the grills on. The reference center I have matches very well cosmetically with the RP 280s. The RC 62 ii not so much. If I went that direction can that grey strip on the bottom be removed? Can anyone compare the sound of the 62 and 450?
  7. 1st post here so be gentle My 5.1 HT setup has been a mix of products through the years, never a "matched" system all at once. I'm closer than I have ever been with an all Klipsch except for the SW now. My Klipsch components are RP-280 R-25C R-14M As you can see, I have Premiere LR and the Reference line for my center and surround. The center and surrounds were bought last year during Black Friday 1/2 price sale and were a nice bargain at that price, At that time I did not have (or plans for) the RP-280 LR. The R-14M were the limit in size for the WAF. I did not get WAF approval for the RP-280s, or they would not be here Honestly, everything seems to work well together. My AVR actually sets the 3 front speakers to 0dB so they seem good in that respect. Here is the point of this thread. I wonder how much better a different CC would be? I was thinking about the RC 62II. I dont think that the RC 52II or RP 250C would be a significant enough upgrade over the R-25C to bother with. Even though they are upgrades in line, they are all the same 2x 5.25" & 1" tweeter config. I also dont want the wide 4 speaker versions. Here is another issue. Cosmetics of the speakers. The R-25C matches quite well (I leave the grills on all my speakers) with the RP-280s. The RC 62II looks like a different line of speaker. Can that grey strip on the bottom of the grill be removed? In the Reference line, the RF28 which is the nearest equivalent to the RP-280 uses the R-25C as the center, so it seems like an "acceptable" configuration. Since that is the only Reference level Center, I suppose that is understandable. Browsing this forum, I know I am way out of my league with my config and post. There are folks here with RF7II as rear speakers. Crazy. Just looking for some input from the Klipsch experts One last unrelated question. What is the minimum distance from the rear of the RP-280 to the wall? Thanks!
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