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  1. I did leave the old one in and do a compare. I noticed more presence, little brighter with the titanium. Smooth also. I'm not sure though if the other tweeter was on its way out. I do like the titanium so far. Only have listened to about 3-4 songs. I'll update as time goes on. Thanx everybody for your input :-)
  2. Forgot to mention that the cap measurements were done on the original caps after removing them from the xo ckt bd. 22 yrs old and in spec but the bipolar electrolytics.
  3. Well, here's the final result. After removing both tweeters and measuring an "open", (I swore the right one measured close to 8 ohms from the output of the crossover but I might have flexed the terminals while removing the tweeter.)I installed both titanium tweets from Bob Crites. Wow! What a difference( maybe not so surprising since at least the left tweeter was definitely blown ) sounds great! Today I removed both crossovers and replaced the caps with the kit from Crites. Listening tonight, not certain if there is any difference. I measured the capacitance and esr value using an RCL meter at work and all of the caps were in tolerance except the woofer caps ( bipolar electrolytics) which measured about 96uf as compared to 110uf nominal but esr was OK, all caps about .08 ohms. Certain passages momentarily can seam harsh, but immensely improved from before(day and night). Overall very happy!
  4. I ordered titanium tweeter diaphragms and crossover kit from Bob Crites.
  5. I didn't change anything yet. Yes, I have an ohm meter.
  6. Also slightly pushed on front woofer and observed passive on back move accordingly on both speakers so, air tight.
  7. I separated the speakers the same distance as the listening position, 9 ft., and I slightly towed them in from front facing. One is about 2 ft from corner and the other far away from a corner. Both are about 9" from back wall. Imaging is really good, all music in center. Removed the covers, turned down the volume and put in mono mode. Placed a paper towel roll to my ear and each tweeter and mid horn. No sound coming out of the left speaker tweeter. The diagram around the outer edge is black in color on the dead tweeter and the good tweeter in right speaker outer diagram is an orange looking color. Took pics but don't know how to upload them here.
  8. Anybody know how I could get the schematic for the crossover?
  9. Thanx for the info WMcD. I'll try everything you've listed and follow up but it might not be until this weekend. It may lead to something faulty in a driver or crossover component. I would go as far as changing a faulty component out but I will not buy into believing that the crossover needs MODIFIED from factory original values. That changes the design and I can't believe that Klipsch would not have the properly educated and experienced engineers and equipment to properly design and test these speakers. IMHO. I'll let you know and thanx again everybody.
  10. They are in a basement with carpeting, couch, end tables, stereo stand and not much else. No wall treatments. I'll start with your suggestions. Probably worth looking at the crossovers if I knew where to access?
  11. I just bought some oiled oak forte II's vintage 1993. I have connected them to a marantz av receiver and a Yamaha integrated amp with a Sony blue ray player as source. I have connected a pair of RSL cg 6.2 to channel B for an A/B comparison. The forte's sound harsh, not as musical and pleasing in the midst and highs but good base. About 6 ft apart 1 ft from back wall toed in at me from about 10 ft away. Any feedback on what to do would be helpful. Do they need new replacement components for the crossovers? I don't want to mod them from stock because I think they should sound great as designed without modifying but I can see where the values and quality of the original componts have shifted, maybe even loosened? Thanx.
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