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  1. You like the KG2 as a center huh? That makes me feel good as something that size would be a good fit and hopefully wouldn't make the wife too mad. Craig
  2. Whats a fair price for a pair of Forte II in good condition? Craig
  3. Would forte II as fronts work well with KG4's as surrounds. I'm just toying with the idea now just wanted some of your opinions. Craig
  4. Sorry, and good luck!!! Craig
  5. I have heard both, but they were in stores, One has a 30 day no questions asked return policy, I'll have to check on the other. If they do hell I'll get both bring them home and do a side by side comparison. Craig
  6. Hey Trey. Well it looks like you guys at klipsch have made a hell of an improvement in the synergy line. Now when you guys gonna upgrade those synergy subs? Craig
  7. Synergy specs again? F-3 larger horn over RF-35, 6.5" to 6". Lower freq response F-3 35hz RF-35 37hz. Both have dual 8" woofers, one's front ported the others rear ported. Not sure if this matters but the dimensions of the F-3 are larger than the RF-35 and they are 6 lbs heavier. Just posting comparisons not saying which ones better. Craig
  8. Here's my situation, i was looking at reference RF-35 set-up now I'm second guessing myself. Synergy F-III, C-III, S-III @ Best buy $1721.92 OTD price Reference RF-35, RC-35, RS-35 @ Ultimate Electronics $1894.97 OTD price So which is it? Craig
  9. I kinda wonder why klipsch doesn't have dual horn loaded speakers. Yeah i know the heritage still are, but the legends are too. All the new line twets and mids are in one horn. Craig
  10. myriadcorp, can i ask why tou went with the rc-7 and rs-7 with your rf-35? I would have thought RF-7 would have been the better choice. Craig
  11. No Kyle the PB-12 is not more expenxive in my case, it's $599, My only source for the RW12 is $650. Craig
  12. Ok I think now this is going to be my initial purchase. Now: RF-35, RC-35, RS-35 price $1894.97 SVS PB12plus/2 $1199.00 Later: Outlaw 7100 7x100 $899.00 RB-35 rear surrounds Prices very Much Later Some Pre-amp BIG TV LOL!! Craig
  13. http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1102730812 Craig
  14. I was just curious if the RF-7 had the same slam as KLF-30's, I had the 30's and loved the hard hitting bass these speaks had, I see the reference have two 10" woofers, I was just wondering if any of you had the opportunity to compare these side by side. Craig
  15. I'm not sure where your located but this is a huge electronics retailer and I've already tried to talk them down, they seem to be the only authorized reference dealer in the City. Craig
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