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  1. In-Wall Central Channel R-5502-W II match with RP-280F ? Hello, Following the discussion on my central speaker problem ( https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/160840-central-channel-setup/ ), I decided to go with a Klipsch in-wall speaker. I plan to build a in-wall cabinet (in denser premium grade MDF) to give to the speaker the same angle that the TV. Is this a good match to mix the R-5502-W II with the RP-280F? Do they have a similar sound for the Twitter and the Bass? Do the follow the other speakers ? Left and Right : RP-280F Center : R-5502-W II Woofer: R-110SW Surround: RP-140SA A/V Receiver: Yamaha RX-A3050 Thanks, BLabrie
  2. willland: They have no problem with the high temperature reached by the fireplace
  3. Thanks MetropolisLakeOutfitters . I had never looked the in-wall speaker. PRO-6504-L-THX (KL-6504-THX) In-Wall - Is this a good option? I would insert on top of the TV. Maybe I could make a wooden stand (to make a wall with 10' angle - like the TV) to direct the sound down. Easy to make. OR Klipsch R-5502-W II I think that it's my best option. No ?
  4. Hello. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND YOUR HELP. After several investigations, it is almost impossible to set a speaker on the mantel (under the TV) because it measures 10in wide. The only Klipsch models that do well is the R-25 (7.25 "H x 18.75" W x 7.25 "D) and the RP-250C (6.81" x 18.5 "x 9.96"). Both cases go up the 8,25po TV and 7,81po respectively. It's a lot. (OPTION A) On top of the TV, with a carrier or tablet, the speaker come out too much of the wall over the TV. The TV is 5 inches from the wall in its most distant part. (OPTION . The option that seems makes the most sense is that of WVU80. Place the center speaker in the video cabinet (left of the fireplace). The width is 18.75. So I could put RP-250C on a shelf. But I'm afraid that I always feel that the sound does not come from the TV itself, but next. I know the Odyssey (Marantz, Onkyo, Anthem) do good work. But I doubt. (OPTION C) Another solution (Option D) would be to open the wall between the fireplace and the mantel and manufacture a embedded shelf. I could embed the RP-440C with a half inch of clearance around. The problem is the heat of the fireplace. Although the gas fireplace is a zero clearance for an item of the same depth as the fireplace (not a mantel that comes from the outside). I fear that the dry heat of the fireplace broke the speaker. And And I would not be more advanced. Finally, the option of the phantom center channel (OPTION E). I don't like it... But I maybe don't have choice. Or, buy two systems (OPTION F). I buy a good soundbar for listening to TV and movies. And, then buy Stereo speakers for listening music with a hi-fi stereo amplifier (with DAC). kapsnb01: Indeed, the towers will be located on each side of the fireplace. One where the Christmas tree and the other where the toys to cabinet. They will be equidistant from the TV (I have enough space on the side of the Christmas tree). I keep looking.... Need help. BLabrie
  5. Hello wvu80, I am really discouraged... I want to find an other solution. The Gallery Line will not be powerful enough to follow the system ? The RP-440C is the less high ... but the TV will be raised by 6.67 inches (5.67 inch + 1 inch spacing). Too high I think.
  6. Thanks Kapsnb01, I am a bit discouraged because I thought I had found a solution to my problem with the Gallery Line Product . The center channel is probably one of the most important to listen to the TV. If I had the space, I would have preferred the RP-450C series. All voices pass through the center. My Profil: 50-60% TV 20-25% Music (digital FLAC) 20-25% Film I send you a picture of the space (I change the Accoustimas Bose system). At the left of the Fireplace, is the Receiver, Router, TV Receiver, etc. For the receiver, I am looking probably for the Marantz SR5010, Anthem MRX 510 or I don't know... I am still looking. BLabrie
  7. Hello, I'll invest in a new audio / home theater system. The Klipsch speakers are highly recommended to me. First, the choice of speakers: - For the floorstanding speakers, I selected: Premiere Reference RP-260F. - For the surround speakers, I selected: R-14s or RS-400B. The surround is not a priority for me. - For the central channel, I have a problem. My TV (Samsung UN55J6300) is installed above a gas fireplace mantel. The TV is already at a higher than recommended. So I can not install a center channel speaker below the TV (this would drive up 7 to 8 inches above). So I watch the show Klipsch Gallery G-28 LCRS speaker that I would install on top of the TV at a slight angle (I build a home support) towards the loveseat (same angle as the TV). 1. Is it a good idea to mix from Gallery Reference to Premiere Speakers? 2. Is my setup will give me an interesting audio experience? 3. If not, do you have any ideas. I had previously thought installing a sound bar as a central speaker, but it is not recommended on the forums and stores.... Thanks for your help , BLabrie
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