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  1. @Chris A Thanks for your honest opinion. That's what I also thought. I'm afraid I will have to skip, for now, and wait for my own house in the future It was mainly an impulsive purchase decision as I had Cornwall 3 in the past and the heritage sound is pretty unique (same as the speakers I currently own, but different flavor).
  2. The rectangular bass traps are made of wood (frame) and absorbing material, probably mineral wool. They are kind of solid... but it's not concrete Anyway either panels or "ad hoc" solid panels will not completely touch the wall (also covered by wood) because of its oblique shape...
  3. Thanks for the tips but, unfortunately, i cannot do much changes with acoustic treatments in my room. My main query was about the Klipschorn placed in this room with oblique walls. The idea was to create false corners with those acoustic panels... but I would like to have some owner's opinions...
  4. Hello friends, I go straight to the point. I'm considering to purchase a pair of used Klipschorn with Volti upgrade. Obviously it's not the latest AK6...but some older version of Klipschorn. My only concern is that I have oblique walls in my room and I was considering to use thick acoustic bass traps to create false corners (2 x side). You can check out the 2 pictures I attached...the panels can't also be attached to the walls because of their shape. Hit or miss? Thanks a lot
  5. Hello friends, soon i gonna move in a new apartment and im trying to understand if my cornwall's can perform good in the new room. Unfortunately the room is nearly square with dimensions of 14.2 x 14 x 9.7. I will put the Cornwall on the 14.2 feet side and i can use any acoustic treatment that i want because it will be dedicated room for audio. I would need suggestions for placement (distance from side and rear wall) and listening position... I attached a picture. There is a window and a door on the side walls and a door behind the listening point. I can treat the doors with basotect probably and window with curtains...for the rest what do you suggest? I
  6. Thanks a lot guys....so i will be ''relaxed'' enjoying my Cornwalls!
  7. Hi all, I'm a super happy owner of Klipsch Cornwall 3 speakers since 2 years now. My question is this... I'm listening music everyday (2 or 3 hours per day) and i was wondering if/when i should do any kind of maintainance on the speakers. Is there something to ''check/replace'' at certain point? How long these speakers will last? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the advices! I will keep the grill on (i don't need slightly more clarity) without bi-wiring then. Regarding the first question/doubt... Can i "live happy" with the solution that I applied as feet on a wood floor?
  9. Dear Klipsch friends, This is actually my first post in this forum, even if I read you guys from some time already. As per topic title I would like to ask few questions/doubts about my lovely Klipsch Cornwall III. I have them from almost 2 years and I love these babies. - From the speaker's boxes it was missing 4 rubber feet for one of the speaker. So since then I am using these (2 x corner to make it thicker) in the 4 corners for both speakers. http://www.eliplast.it/prodotti/maxi/921_3.jpg My floor is wood. I guess that it should be fine also because the Cornwall III have an added base compared to the previous series... - Do you guys use it with grill on or off? I always listen with the grill on... - Using a SS integrated amplifier of 85w x channel (Roksan Caspian M2) would I have any benefit in bi-wire them? Thanks in advance for your time. I leave you with a picture of my room. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8gQkoaisPLmcERLN3A4QTBiQm8/view?usp=docslist_api
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