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  1. Probably look at a KLF-C7 and add a titanium diaphragm
  2. If you're scared of tubes, try McIntosh SS or a hybird integrated tube pre amp, with ss power.
  3. Cory, are those beauties Natural Cherry veneer?
  4. The KG, Quartet-Forte-Chorus and Legendary KLF and Epic lines all had their baby, middle brother, big brother and timbre matching center. I can't imagine that was good business, but it was great for all of us. These days, with the Forte's entrance into the Heritage lineup, there's no room for a Chorus with the Cornwall IV and there's no room for a Quartet with the Heresy IV. What would sell however, imo, is a heritage matched Center speaker and subwoofer The center can now be timbre matched to the HIV, CWIV and now Forte IV so it makes a lot of sense imo. IIRC, there was already a heritage sub in the works that never came to fruition?
  5. That looks much nicer than the original. But do aesthetics match sound. Well see! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. Right but the Cf4 is a k30 neodymium magnet. Is a k31 the same minus the magnet material? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. Is the CF-4 fit just going by the fact that that its been done by mere mortals like us or has Roy come out and said its a suitable replacement? Just curious if its just a physical drop in replacement, or it specs similarly to the original
  8. AH. Makes sense. So at least now there's an in production woofer that could fit the KLF-30 and CF-4 with parts being rare to find and nearly impossible to find the CF4 woofers. Not a perfect match for CF-4, but close enough and Klipsch made. Many would be more comfortable with that than using non Klipsch parts.
  9. I know the KLF 30 woofers were used in the original Jubilee, duals in the folded horn, but i'm not sure i understand what you're saying. The new 2021 Jubilee that's just recently been introduced, with the ports in the folded horn and uses a single driver, is the updated K31? It only uses a single 12?
  10. They're amazing. Although to be fair to the Ciare, we might hear them better on the cf-4 with the way they're configured in 2 way and more vocal range being played with the woofers. Again, correct me if i am wrong. They'd be playing their lowest frequency up to i think 1.5khz and the tweeter comes in, but they sound like 1 driver which i love
  11. I thought so too even with the phone recording. He's got the stock woofers on the cf-4 in the 1st video vs the ciare on the klf 30s in the 2nd video.
  12. Maybe v3's use the same woofers, but not v.1 and v2. Different woofers. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.
  13. Holy Crap. That's awesome. I should buy 2 pairs of the 10's as backups for my CF-3 v.1 if they sound good. Can't wait to hear your impressions. I mentioned earlier how i'm not getting as much low end as i thought. I finally got some back switching my DAC's ASIO driver to a WASAPI driver, but it's still not as good as i want it to be. I remember the KLF-30 guys raving about these ciare woofers What was the model number so i can look for the same model but 10" please?
  14. Are those Ciare woofers as good as the forum members who tried them said? Do they fit into the CF-4? Give it a try
  15. I came across this quote So i supposed i can use a lower crossover point if i got the full range driver to do it.
  16. If i used the k510, i'd likely use a different compression driver with aluminum diaphragm out to 20khz to keep that CF sound i'm getting used to, and i'd have to go active 2 way crossover. I think i'd have to keep the horn on top of the cabinet for lower crossover. I don't know anything about speaker building so i'm not sure if D'Appolito design should be crossed low even if you got the cd to do it?
  17. I use an MX120 as a preamp so i suppose my synergy is fine. I'm happy with everything except i just can't get my CF-3 (version 1)drivers to wake up even with bridged 320wpc even though i felt i had it before. I might be having an issue with my amp input sensitivity? It's the last thing i haven't tried. Currently have it at 2.5v but McIntosh recommends 1v THX with their pre that came out with the mc7106. My question was mostly to give me peace of mind so as to get rid of the upgrade bug or curiosity. I suppose though, Mac holds resale so i could always recoup. I just can't get these CF-3 drivers to impact me at my preferred volumes. I have to go up pretty high to where my ears can't take it in my small room. I feel the 100wpc unbridged to the 320wpc bridged made zero difference whereas the first time i tried, i was blown away. More experiments to come. I keep hearing about power conditioners sapping the dynamics of amps, but i've tried the power amp directly in the wall, and not much difference. It and the Pre are on the outlets with no current limiting. 🤷‍♂️ I also switched the DAC into the current limiting outlet and power amp to wall, same lack of bass, but i do feel it was the best for black background. I'm just trying to get it to where i'm happy without using my RSW15, and have that only as a bonus. I don't want to use the RSW15 to bandaid over this issue, because i know my CF-3's can hit me in the chest on their own. Sorry to derail. I got my autoformer answers. Thanks gents.
  18. Are they that big of a jump compared to their non autoformer amps? I use an MC7106 bridged to 320wpc, but curious what kind of leap i'd make to a traditional mac amp with the autoformer and if even lower 150-200wpc would sound fuller and more authoritative than the non autoformer mac amps bridged to more wpc.
  19. Awesome! Too bad you couldn't fit the ports on the front. So that's the mid horn from the Forte III/KV4/KLF series minus mumps as the tweeter and the mid horn is a k510 without mumps? I'm all over the place lately with upgrades, but now you got me dreaming about a k510 in my set up again
  20. I love my Ares II. Transformed my digital library. I haven't listened through this many albums from start to finish in a long time. Glad to finally read some Ares II vs Pontus comparisons. I'm enjoying my Ares II, but certainly will consider moving up the Denafrips ladder if i see any come up used.
  21. Doh! I actually forgot to take my ebay ad down and it literally just got purchased. Upset with myself but have to honor it. I guess back to figuring out what happened to my bass without it. I dont want to end up integrating my sub but still lacking in punch from 80 down to where I cross the sub so I need to figure it out for sure. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  22. McIntosh MC7106, got 3 channels bridged to 320wpc for the CF-3, and KV4, BUT i don't remember if i had 1v input sensitivity or 2.5v. I have it at 2.5 v right now. Not sure i understand how to use that. Funny thing about that perception and all...either this device i just added made a huge difference or my mind is getting used to sans subwoofer lows. So i added a Black Ice Audio FOZ-SSX Soundstage Expander between my power amp and the pre(previously used it between DAC and pre-can be used between any source). It acts as a distortion-less tube buffer with dimension control and bass eq. Originally purchased for that dimension control. For making my narrow room set up feel wider and for making long wall, wide set up narrow. The CF-3's already have a great center image, but it's fun fine tuning with a knob. Neat little device designed by Jim Fosgate. I actually just put it up for sale, but maybe it's best to keep around. Anyway, I turned up the BASS EQ and left the dimension at 0. Turned on some tunes, and i got low end all through out the house. Was shocked and wondered if it's just my perception getting used to it. So last night, i watched a show in full range stereo to continue to get my dac burned in and i noticed really nice low end during action scenes. That was without this device and same set up where i couldn't get bass-my immediate thought was something is wrong with my pc settings. Added the foz-ssx b4 trouble shooting anything. I'm playing with the bass eq right now and turning it back to 12'oclock still gives me plenty of low end without feeling bloated like the bass trim selections on the pre amp. Full bass eq almost overwhelms the room. I'll remove the device tomorrow and see if my mind really did get used to full range again or the device helped that much which leaves me wondering how i got such impressive bass before. I remember describing to @wvu80 as overwhelming bass.
  23. Full range. Well. Small.. The MX120 in pure stereo plays with the sub, and 2 channel mode plays full range whether the speaker is set to large or small. Its the same set up ive always had. Only difference is before with hdmi dac, I used external inputs which allowed me to use a subwoofer dsp on foobar2000 and I had it integrated really well. Now that I got a new dac, the sub dsp won't work with 2 channel mode. In pure stereo, i can set the speakers to large without the sub and probably then I can add the sub through foobar. I just don't have a screen with components so I need to look at component video to hdmi converters to access the set up. As is, 2 channel feels too weak bass and pure stereo with sub is too overwhelming and sub or bass trim doesn't sound good Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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