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  1. Thanks for the thoughts. Today I'm thinking of a pair of Cornwalls, a subwoofer and wiring the room incase I want to add more speakers. Any thoughts on what woofer would go well with the Cornwalls? Thanks!
  2. Hi, my dream has always been to have a pair of classic Klipsch speakers. When I first started to dream, it was a 2.0 world. Now it is a 5+.1 world. I'm putting together a new system for a new house, so I have my chance. I can afford a pair of Cornwalls, but that doesn't leave much for surround speakers. I'd be very happy with mediocre surround sound and great sounding music. It should be possible to reprocess a 5.1 signal to an 2.1 signal that approximates the sound of the 5.1 signal. My understanding is that the "down mix" option on DVD players just adds the sounds to the left or right channel and does not do any processing to make surround sounds sound like they were intended. Any ideas on how to do 2.0 dream in a 5.1 world. Thanks!
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