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  1. Thanks for the continued encouragement and information! I'd like to hear more from ppl with these 2 way systems - about amps, eq and crossover options people have used and what their ballpark costs were for the electronic side of things.
  2. I look forward to being at that point in the process when its time to do Eq. Someone once recommended to me a program called Dirac to take measurements and set filters, etc. Anyone have experience with that?
  3. (lousy work internet... double post)
  4. Preston Tom, I really like the treatment you gave you stacks with the Asian-style screens. WAF has not been much of a factor yet, but who knows when she sees what I'm actually putting in there lol WAF aside, it is an elegant presentation that I really like. Did you use acoustically transparent material? or does your screen approximate a movie screen to use closer to cinema settings in the EQ?
  5. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes and for the information! I am in south east South Dakota, near Sioux City, Iowa. I would love to hear some of these rigs in action, but I have not noticed any posts from members in the area. It would be nice to demo a Jubilee/Jamboree set up to see how they sound with dance music and also to hear how the MWM (with no sub) does with material that includes significant amounts of information in the 35-40 hz range. I think hearing would make the decision easy, but that seems unlikely given my geography. I am really only considering a fully horn-loaded 2 way system at this point. The efficiency and lower power requirements, as well as the more complex build are appealing. That being said, the added cost and complexity of a 3 way build are unappealing. I agree that I have good flexibility with the setup. My wife and I are closing on a new house this summer and I get to have a dedicated space to work with. The size of the MWM is not a problem and I expect it would have more of a classic "club sound" for dance music. The LF extension is my main concern there, which leads me to wonder if anyone has thought about Levan-type extensions for the MWM or some other tweak for a longer path. I have read repeatedly that the MWM HF extension is sufficient for pairing with the k402 and something like a TAD driver (~500 hz), even being a more limited HF than the Jubilee. If that is not the case, than that would be a huge concern. My main concern with the Jubilee comes from the descriptions, mostly by MWM fans, of its sound as slower and possibly lacking some of the punch for dance music Chris, thanks for your recommendations on REW or TrueRTA. I have not given much thought to the amps, crossovers, etc yet and this is where most of the range in cost will come from. It seems other members have had good luck with more plug and play with known settings for known equipment. I guess I plan to use that as a starting point?
  6. The main space is basement level about 30'x50'. The walls and ceilings are drywall. There are a couple egress windows and 8.5' ceilings. It is pretty much a blank canvas at this point with no treatment or items in the space of any kind. I am really hoping to keep it 2-way. I was under the impression that the MWM was solid to 40 hz and the Jubilee dug a little lower than that? Is this not the case? The jamboree is interesting; I may need to consider that, or possibly adding some sort of nose, or mouth extension, for the Jub or MWM to get the bottom end I want.
  7. Hello all! This is my first post here after lurking for some time. I have already found so much great information and I hope to be a contributing member of the community in time. I hope this is the correct place to post this I am looking to start a DIY project for a 2 way system to be used primarily for modern dance music. I am on the fence about going for the Jubilee vs. the MWM. Either way, I'm pretty much sold on having the 402 on top. What is a ballpark figure for total cost to build either the Jub or MWM system? What have others spent on their 2 way builds? I imagine there will be quite a bit of variance based on passive vs active, compression driver used, etc. but it would be helpful to get a sense of the overall range associated with the project. I will likely be on the cheaper side of the spectrum. I plan to go active (haven't looked into specific units yet) and maybe a JBL compression driver with a Be diaphragm swapped in. Thanks in advance for any input/advice you all can offer! It is much appreciated
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