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  1. Thank you everyone who posted here. Yes, T2K Keith, I do have the KSP C 6, a center speaker. Originally, my brother-in-law was setting me up for the KSP 400's as the front speakers, the KSP C 6 as the center, and the KG4's as the back (surround?). From what you all have said, I am going to set up the system again, listen to all the speakers again, see if I can hear a difference between KSP 400's and KG4's. I will consider keeping all the speakers and a 5.1 channel system. BUT, HERE IS ANOTHER QUESTION. I listen to music as well as to movies. Maybe more music, since I like to go to movie theaters for movies I can see in theaters. I'm even considering adding an oppo ksp 105 for what the reviews say about quality for 2 channel music. I listen to more classical, opera, jazz than other popular, though some other popular. No heavy metal. If I understand it, if I play 2 channel, it will be through the front speakers, which, if I have a 5 speaker system for movies with my current speakers, would be the KSP 400's. Is it possible that one could find KSP 400's better for movies but KG4's better for the music I listen to (for those who think KSP400's are better than KG4's for movies, which I see is not everyone). That is, with all these speakers, is there one way to set it all up together for music and movies. Or, as one post suggested, should I set up movies in one room with some speakers (maybe just the KSP 400s and KSP C6) and music in another (KG4's). I am working with Outlaw 770 and 950 combination receiver and amplifier. Donna
  2. I own a set of 2 ksp 400 tower speakers (1990's vintage) and 2 kg4 floor speakers (1970's vintage). I also have the ksp 6 that goes with the ksp 400s. I was planning to use all 5 of these speakers for 5.1 surround for purpose of movies, but really it's too complicated for me and too much for my small living room. So, I'm going to downsize and get rid either of the ksp 400s and ksp 6, OR the kg 4s. The brother-in-law who got me this equipment has died and can't advise, so I'm trying this klipsch community forum. I would love some good advice. I'm finding more support for the kg4s than the ksp 400s by using google on the internet, but the ksp 400's are newer and were, I believe, more expensive. The ksp 400s also have hardly been used (I don't know if use is a factor for speakers). One of the ksp 400's has a buzz when things are plugged in and turned on. A friend said it had to do with my electrical system, but I suspect it has to do with the speaker, since ksp 400s are infamous for a buzz, it seems. DB
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