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  1. I bought them from a Klipsch dealer, they were new in the box, but must have been at the store for about a year as the grill model had changed. That's why Klipsch won't take them back. Just curious about how to repair or replace, if anyone knows of someone looking to sell a used pair of LaScala's, or parts, etc. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the idea, but the top and bottom cabinets are matching serial numbers, and the left and right speakers are sequential. The grill and frame can be removed and replaced, just none available from Klipsch. Hoping I can find one elsewhere. Just wanted to ask around, and figured this would be the best place.
  3. I bought them new from an authorized dealer. But this type of grill isn't available from Klipsch anymore, they changed the design right around the time I purchased the speakers. First photo below with green arrow is my grill design, second photo with red arrow is the new design. Frustrating that Klipsch still has photos of my design on their website, but can't provide parts. I spoke with almost a dozen people at Klipsch to check the warehouse, no luck. I suppose it can be painted, but I would rather replace the grill frame.
  4. Just bought a brand new pair of LaScala II's. When taking them out of the boxes I noticed the paint on one of the grill frames is bubbled and peeling. Talked with several people at Klipsch to order a new grill, but this particular grill model is unavailable. Klipsch recently changed the grill design on the LaScala II, and they cannot replace my damaged part. Any ideas of how to replace or repair my grill frame? I'd like to avoid repainting if possible. Would be interested in purchasing a used grill if anyone knows where I can locate one?
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