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  1. Another little update.... The replacement speaker arrived today. It did require a little TLC to get it to where it should've been in the first place. 1. There was a dime sized area of residue on the top metal plate (where the Klipsch decal is). Tried a dampened microfiber towel first - no go. I ended up having to use a Q-tip soaked in naptha to get the residue off. Took several careful minutes to get it all off. QC had to see this! I did a little pre test before proceeding with naptha. I was fairly confident that naptha would not be an issue. I've used naptha on nitrocellulose lacquered instruments numerous times with no issues. 2. The woofer bezel was pushed out a little. This was most likely from jarring during shipment. Both boxes (double boxed) were a little worse for wear. Thanks UPS! I gently pushed the bezel back in place and all is well. The bezel appears to be friction fit. I don't really see this as a major issue. I'm ok with the purchase now. I am a little disappointed in Klipsch's Q.C. as it pertains to fit and finish. First speaker is shipping back tomorrow.
  2. New to the forum. You may have already found a remedy for this issue by now. If not, I'll second the Naptha. I've used this solvent to clean Nitrocellulose lacquer finishes on guitars. Most recently my 1964 Gibson SG. As with anything test a small area before proceeding. Don't flood the finish with Naptha. Naptha is widely used by musicians to clean any instrument that has a Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish. Also, good advice in the previous post!
  3. A big thank you to everyone who responded! I received the other speaker today. This speaker looks fine with no issues. On the shipping side it appears UPS logistics dropped the ball somehow and separated the speakers somewhere along their eastern journey. Frustrating but no big deal. A little update on the damaged speaker. The dealer was very responsive and is shipping a new speaker out tomorrow. In the mean time he told me to use the damaged speaker until the replacement arrives next week. I took this as a sine of good faith. It did take a little effort today on the dealers end to get in touch with me, the purchaser. The online merchant that handles Klipsch's payment transactions only provided the ship to info to the dealer not the bill to/purchaser info. I had the speakers shipped to my sister-in-laws business since I'm never at home when UPS delivers (direct signature required). Bella - My thoughts exactly on the Klipsch decals. Deang - Not sure on the matched veneers. Are you referring to book matched veneers? Adding..... haven't had a chance to hook them up yet,
  4. Looking for a little advice on how to handle a recent Palladium purchase - part of which I received today. I thought this would be a good place to get some advice and ease my concerns. I looked at the Palladiums P-17B's awhile back when they were full price. At that time I couldn't justify the purchase to myself. So I decided to go with the RP-160M's. I'm still happy with that purchase! Well about a week ago I decided to pull the trigger on the P-17B's since they're on sale. I ordered directly from the Klipsch site. The speakers shipped last week and one arrived today. The first minor issue I had was the speakers left a distributor on the west coast the same day, same time (each speaker scanned within minutes of the other). One speaker went through Colorado on it's way to Virginia. The other speaker ended up leaving the west coast with the next stop in Illinois. The latter speaker is set to deliver tomorrow. A little confused about this.... On to the real issue (at least to me). After carefully opening the one that arrived today I noticed it had some minor damage. I even used the enclosed, white gloves. I unpackaged the speaker gingerly. The first thing I noticed was the protective plastic film over the Klipsch logo (top face) was folded over. Part of the film was not covering the logo. The left side of the design under the Klipsch logo was not adhered and slightly bent. I tried to gently push it back in however, it would not stay. No adhesion whatsoever. The second thing I noticed was 2 small chips on the veneer around the woofer surround. They are small but still noticeable. Am I wrong in thinking the speaker should not be like this brand new? Also, the speaker was doubled packed and both boxes were in great shape - no dents etc. I did contact the online order support after noticing this. The lady that helped requested photos of the damage. I sent 4 photos showing the minor damage. I have not heard back yet because this was in the evening right at the end of the day. The lady that helped me was very rude and constantly talked over me. I wasn't looking for pity however, a small amount of concern would've greatly helped my worries. I may be mistaken but I believe the lady that was helping me is with Shopatron not Klipsch. I'm not at all complaining about Klipsch's customer service because they probably haven't even had a chance to review the issue yet. I will admit I can be a bit of a perfectionist.... Any advice on what I should expect on an outcome? I appreciate any advice one may provide Disappointed in Va.
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