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  1. thanks all you guys for great help, I will audition the in ceiling speakers and decide
  2. Thanks you guys for reply. @Scrappydue: so which speakers will be the best option in my case?
  3. Hello all from newbie from Vietnam, I am running a 7.1 Klipsch system include: - front: 2 x RF7II - center: 1 x RC64C - surrounds:2 x RS62 II - surround back: 2x RB81II Now I would like to upgrade my system to Atmos 7.1.4, I prefer to mount the speakers on the ceiling. I prefer to use 2 pairs of RP-250S but my Klipsch AD here in Vietnam said these speakers are not good for on-ceiling Atmos because the dispersion is not good, the buyer ( Klipsch dealer) recommend to use the in-ceiling speaker such as Jamo IC408LCR FG with wide sound dispersion ( about 120 degree). Experts ! pls help me to choose or tell me the pros and cons between RP-250S vs in-Ceiling speakers vs bookself speakers such as RP-160M for x.x.4 Atmos speakers. Thanks you guys very much.
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