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  1. Now running an RP-640D center. Another step in the right direction.
  2. I sold a bunch of equipment before our last move in 2017. The only thing I regret letting go was the Academy. I’ve kept my eyes open for another, but they don’t come up very often.
  3. Moving the system is impossible...the far wall is 10’ tall glass windows/doors, and the wall to the left is the same, the wall to the right is half glass, the other half is the kitchen and more glass. So only one wall for screen, about 25’ wide, fireplace in the middle, flanked by 5’ wide vertical niches (floor to ceiling). Electronics are in a rack in a closet (Control 4 etc.) except for my trusty Thorens turntable and Oppo Blueray deck which are on a stand with my favorite LPs. We need to keep the fireplace, so my only way to use a Cornwall as a center would be to build a big niche above the fireplace and use a projector and acoustically transparent screen. Intriguing idea...wonder how difficult it would be to find a single Cornwall that matches mIne..from ‘78 I think.
  4. I borrowed a Definitive XTR 60 from the system in our kid’s playroom....it’s a more efficient on-wall speaker than the Episode, and has slightly bigger drivers, so I thought it would be a better match to the Cornwalls. My intuition was correct. Definitely a step in the right direction, so much so I could live with it. However, the RP-640D is even more efficient, so I’m going to give that one a try. At some point in the next year or so I’ll be upgrading the TV, and when I do I’ll consider how I might re-work things so can I can use a full-size center. Maybe a niche above the TV that can accommodate a Heresy (angled down)?
  5. I experimented with it some over the weekend. I think the Cornwalls may be too far apart for it to work well (about 20ft). At low volumes it was almost as if the dialog drifted around rather than being in the center. I’ll give it more time.
  6. Like I said, I used an Academy center with Cornwalls in my previous home...was very satisfied with that. If I would have know we’d use the system in our great room as much as we do, I would have designed it differently. We have the Cornwalls set up to switch to our 2 channel system for vinyl & CDs, and I thought that would be the primary use, so I didn’t put a lot of thought into the center (or rears for that matter). It’s not our primary system for viewing, but we use it enough to make it worthwhile to try to improve, even if marginally. What about Klipsch G-28?
  7. I realize a matching speaker would be ideal, but I need something that will fit into the space I have...so perhaps I should rephrase...Any recommendations for a center that would work better with my Cornwalls than the one I have given my space constraints? Is there such a thing as a dynamic sounding passive soundbar type of speaker I could use?
  8. We have a HT system in our relatively large and very open great room. Although the room is challenging (concrete floors and 2 walls of glass doors), we're pretty happy with how the system sounds. The one area that's lacking is the center channel, and looking for suggestions. In short, the Episode passive soundbar we've been using as a center seems to get drowned out by the Cornwalls we use as LRs up front. In our previous home, we were able to use an Academy as a center, which was amazing. However, in our current home, we need a flatter center that we can mount on the wall between the fireplace and TV (about 6" high). Any recommendations?
  9. My daughter was quite happy with her birthday gift. The components work well together. Definitely can fill her bedroom with sound, and fortunately, it sounds terrific at low volume levels. The day before we gave it too her, I set up the JBLs in place of the Cornwalls in my system. I thought the JBLs sounded fine. However, the Cornwalls sounded so much more open and present in comparison.
  10. It’s a surprise for her birthday, which is later this week. She has absolutely no idea what she’s getting. The only thing music related she asked for this year is PF’s Wish You Were Here. She’s been using an inexpensive Sony TT and some powered speakers from Best Buy for about two years, so this will be a huge upgrade. I noticed her and a couple friends have been making cassettes with an old portable machine, so I’ll be giving her a nice Nak CR-1A to play with as well.
  11. Yeah, this was my thinking as well. She’ll be off to college in a couple years and this type of set-up should serve her well. Although I started out looking for a vintage receiver and turntable, I decided to go with new stuff so she won’t have to deal with the inevitable problems. The big day is coming up so I’ll report back.
  12. My daughter is into vinyl, and in the interest of encouraging this hobby, I’m upgrading her rig for her birthday (#17). I bought her a Cambridge Audio Topaz SR20 and a Project Carbon Debut to pair up with some minty JBL L110s. But now I’m wondering how Herseys would compare to the L110s, and whether it would be worth switching. I have Cornwalls myself (which I love) and have owned Chorus 1s, but never Heresy. She mostly listens to classic rock, and it will be set up in her bedroom (14x16).
  13. With 12' ceilings and concrete floors, acoustic panels would be great, but as you can see, placement options on the room's walls are limited.
  14. Lots of progress since my last post. Here's a photo of the room where my Cornwalls will go. I plan to place them in the niches next to the concrete columns, angled in. There's a large closet behind the wall on the right hand side of the fireplace that will be dedicated to home's AV equipment and structured wiring. I plan to have the turntable and CD player on wall mounted shelves next to the fireplace. I'd also like to build some shelving for LPs and CDs. Have to get with the trim carpenter to plan this out. My Luxman with the Ortofon OM10 has always sounded a bit thin and sterile to me, and I think this impression would be especially apparent in that room. So instead I'll be using a Thorens TD166 MKII with an older Grads cartridge--not sure of the model, it's kind of a light baby blue color. The Thorens/Grado set-up seems a little less detailed in the higher frequencies as compared to the Luxman/OM10, but it also sounds much warmer/analog/easier-to-listen-to, and to my ears, is a much better match to the Cornwalls.
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