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  1. OK, mystery solved: I misread their disclaimer, it was not about using digital cables but rather running a digital-signal through the amp. I am all set, life is beautiful again. Thanks guys!
  2. I will give them a call today and let you guys know. Thank you for looking into this.
  3. Hi guys, Ever since I received my new speakers (RF-7II, RC-64II and RS-250), I have literally been in heaven. What an experience! I did decide to get a dedicated amp for the fronts and center and just received my Emotiva XPA3. Before connecting it, I read the manual and it says not to use DIGITAL coax RCA cables when connecting the amp to the receiver, that it might damage the amp and/or the speakers. I quickly checked the cables that I bought and I think they are digital, I didn't even pay attention to this when I got them. what is the story with this? Do I need to buy analog coax RCA to do this? Any recommendation? Why can digital cables damage my system? Needless to say that I am in agony staring at my amp, not being able to connect it :-( Thanks for your help!
  4. I believe the word is speechless. Not sure what just hit me... Speakers are definitely not optimally positioned yet (or broken in) and the sound is..... not sure how to describe it.... BIG?... powerful?... jesus. I want to send my wife and son on a 2-week vacation right now and take those 2 weeks off work. This is what the sound is like :-)
  5. Speakers are finally here! those RF-7II are monsters! Quick question: how do I remove the terminal caps at the back of the speakers (image attached)? I want to connect my speaker cables using bananas. Thank you so much!
  6. Hey guys, thank you for the suggestions. The TV weighs 120+ pounds, I think it might me too much for the speaker, I am concerned it will crush (or dent) it over time. On a different note, does anyone know any multimedia console or a furniture that I can buy and can accommodate all my components? (as seen in the picture).
  7. Hi guys, I am expecting to receive my new speakers soon (RF-7II's + RC-64II + RP-250S) and the challenge that I am facing is how to position my center channel speaker. Unfortunately, my current multimedia console does not have enough room to accommodate such a large center speaker. I have an 85" TV standing on top of the multimedia console and I was thinking to mount the speaker on top of the TV. I have a couple of questions: 1. Is this even a good idea? even if I manage to do it, the speaker is going to be positioned quite high (about 6 feet above the floor) due to the size of the TV. 2. Does anyone know of a good way to mount such a large speaker on top of a TV? I can always install a shelf on the wall behind it but trying to avoid drilling more holes in the walls if I can. Thank you for your help!
  8. I just realized I had a couple more questions about wiring: 1. What kind of speaker cables should I use for the RF-7ii and RC-64ii? 16 AWG, pure copper? 2. Do I need a special type of RCA cables to connect the receiver to the power amp? Thank you!
  9. Thank you Scrappy, I was just about to order the XPA 3, configured with 3 x 275W to power up my fronts and center and let the Onkyo run the surround speakers for now. (I believe the Onkyo does 7 x 140W). The XPA 3 is a modular amp which is great, as if I ever need to add more amplification, I can send it back and add up to 4 more amplification channels. I do want to amplify the 3 front speakers because I am watching a lot of movies and do want to pronounced center performance and clear dialogue. Should I be looking at another brand than Emotiva? Should be something around the same price range. I am very tempted to also buy the RP-240S or RP250S and have a (almost) complete set, I am just not sure how I can position them in my living room. Do they have a floor-stand that I can put them on? Not sure I can mount them on the wall. Anyway, I got a pretty sweet deal price-wise and going to make my purchase today/tomorrow. Cheers and thank you again!
  10. Thank you very much guys, I know what I need to do now :-) I'll update and post some pics of my new setup once everything arrives.
  11. Hi Youthman, Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. Since the XPA Gen 3 is a modular amp, I can buy it in multiple configurations, from 1 to 7 channels basically. Since I intend to power up the front speakers, should I get 6 channels and bi-amp the fronts and center 6 x 225W), or get 3 channels (3 x 275W) without bi-amping? I am very excited to get those speakers, I feel like I will finally be happy with my system again and start watching more movies and listening to more music. Thanks again!
  12. Hi guys, For years I have been using B&W speakers and Onkyo receivers in my HT systems. I was lucky to own the Nautilus 802, 803 and 804 series which I powered with various Onkyo receivers and Rotel amps. These days my setup is much more modest and I currently have an Onkyo 803, CM8 mains, CM center and 2 LM1 backs. I only run 5.1 at the moment. I have been unhappy with my system for a long time, I feel that both music and movie content sounds anemic and dull. I am bi-amping my mains with the Onkyo but it really does not help. I decided I want to make a change and after a talk that I had with one of my friends I turned my attention to Klipsch. I always knew of Klipsch but I never thought that they could match the quaity of B&W. To make a long story short, I have decided to buy a pair of the RF-7ii and the RC-64ii center and had a few questions that I wanted to ask: 1. I was considering buying an Emotiva XPA-1 amp to power up the RF-7ii's, that is a 600W per speaker. 2. I then thought to maybe get the Emotiva XPA Gen 3 and bi-amp all 3 speakers (mains and center), that is 2 x 225W for each speaker. 3. Or I could just leave it as is and let my Onkyo 838 do the job. Since I am just learning about Klipsch speakers and their incredible efficiency, I am not sure which route to take. Is powering up the main speakers with 600W each too much? Is it going to create an unbalanced listening experience if the center is powered by the Onkyo and the mains by the Emotiva amp? I was planning on keeping my small B&W surround speakers and my PV1 subwoofer in the name of saving money for the time being, is this doable? Do you think I should have all the speakers by Klipsch? Thank you in advance for helping, I know that those are a lot of questions, I really want to make the right move here, it's a lot of money... Cheers, KillerGurt.
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