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  1. I got a great offer on a parasound hint 6. Ive had it for a week now and im very happy with the Hint 6/rp280f combination so far. Thank you guys for all the help
  2. @garyrc Thank you guys, Now I just wait for a good used c388 or c368/c268 for sale... Im NOT buying this stuff new I think having bluOS, Hdmi, and dac in one unit is the future.
  3. Thank you guys. Ill go for the 388. Hopefully I will have plenty of headroom 👌
  4. Im buying a nad stereoamp for my klipsch rp280f. I have narroved it down to 2 alternatives 1. Nad 388 with BluOS and Hdmi 2000 USD 2. Nad 368 with BluOS and Hdmi & Nad 268 Combo 3000 USD Alternative one has 150w/c, while alternative 2 has 300 w/c. My local "dealer" tells me I should go for alternative 2. Shocker! Will I notice any difference between the two? Thoughts? "You can pair the C 268 with the NAD C 368 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier, and with both units bridged for mono, 300 watts per channel of distortion-free sound become available for your listening pleasure." Your help is appreciated Thanks
  5. @willland I probably will go for the Nad c388, it has everything i need in one box. My local dealer advices me to go with the c368+c268 and bridge them to 300w/c. That probably sounds awesome, but its twice the cost. I think the 388 is plenty. Thoughts? 🙂
  6. @Ski Bum @Emile THANK YOU WOW! Those crown amps looks impressive. I was going to buy a parasound 2125, but now I have to do some more research. I have never heard about crown amps before you guys recommended it. 😮
  7. Allright. I have 2 alternatives for my rp280 1. Parasound 2125 v2 2x150w 2. Rotel 1572 2x250w They cost the same. What do I choose?
  8. Thats good advice @Fish I found a used Anthem A2...... Ill do some listening... Maybe ill blind buy an emotiva from USA and import it to Norway. I read alot of positive reviews of Emotiva and Klipsch. I dont know what kind of sound you get from Emotiva though. Anyone have any experience with that brand? Im thinking XPA2-Gen3 300W per channel or XPA-DR2 550w per channel Right now its between Parasound nc 2250 and Emotiva xpa2-gen3. They cost around the same here in communistNorway. Im leaning towards the parasound.
  9. Tnx @Emile But they do not have Crown amps in my country... :/
  10. Nad, marantz, denon, onkyo, harman kardon, parasound, hegel, primare, pioneer, roxan, rotel, yamaha etc is available for me I guess i should just get a cheap preamp with streaming (yamaha wxc-50) , and a poweramp like the parasound nc 2125 or marantz mm7025.
  11. @glensNad is available.. Is nad a great match with klipsch 280f? If so, what do you recommend?
  12. Thanks @Tarheel. But those brands is not accessible to me in Norway. 😕
  13. Its the same here. I have to travel far to find a place where they sell klipsch rp280. But yeah, i need to do some listening. How is Rotel? Is the sound warm? I hear they are a good match with klipsch...
  14. @Fish Nad, marantz, denon, onkyo, harman kardon, parasound, hegel, primare.. and more is available to me @billybob Thanks, Yeah the yamaha is allright, but its boring. I need more power, more bass. I think the speakers need/deserve better electronics to perform their best.
  15. Yes, thats exactly what I want. Im in Norway. Ive had a yamaha rx a1050 for a while. But im thinking about selling it and start over.
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