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  1. Last chance on these speakers! We've got an offer for the whole lot, but would still entertain offers. Shipping would be on you... Hurry! -Kyle
  2. Honestly, this is a bit out of our skill set. We mostly went through the classifieds and picked prices based on our 'guesses' of comparable condition with similar models. We are definitely open to entertaining offers! Thanks, -Kyle
  3. To clarify, that room is mirrored...1 1952 K Horn and 1 later model K Horn. Plus, several more 'matched' pairs. -Kyle
  4. Here is what we have: There appears to be: 1 1952 KHorn 1 196x's KHorn 2 Cornwalls 2 Belle's 4 Heresey's (Consecutive serial numbers) 1 DB6 Amp and 'matching' PreAmp and Tone Control 1 Dual 701 Turntable. 1 Unknown model VHS HiFi Recorder We do plan on selling all of it... -Kyle
  5. There are 2 KHorns ( or so I just learned...) but the 1st one is the 1952 model. The other, darker one, is a later model. The date wasn't as obvious on it...any guesses? I'm pretty sure in 1952 that 2 speakers was considered 'crazy talk'... -Kyle
  6. It's a bit minimal. A DB-Systems DB6 (A?) and the matching Preamp and Tone Control plus a Dual 701 Turntable. And, for today only, we'll throw in the VHS Player! -Kyle
  7. Wait...It looks like I got my pics confused...or they got me confused?
  8. You see? That's how I got confused! Apparently the darker one (Walnut?) is a Belle, according to the label... I try to be real, sometimes I come up short, however... -Kyle
  9. 'Houston' didn't pin it down enough? Or, did you want to know that they were in the Dining Room? -Kyle
  10. I 'think' those pictures were all from the 1952 speaker. I could have gotten some mixed up, though... -Kyle
  11. He really liked them! But you can see we might be a bit overloaded... There's 4 Heresy's on casters in there that were obtained about the time Quadraphonic's were 'The Thing'... -Kyle
  12. Thanks! So much activity here! -Kyle
  13. Thanks...it was Dad's, so he was the 'expert' We were fooled by the label that starts off with Belle, I guess... -Kyle
  14. We have had this speaker since it was brand new. It needs a new home. Excellent Condition. Works great. Located in Houston. Asking $2000 Here's the complete list of Klipsch we have and are planning on selling: 1 1952 KHorn - $2000 1 196x's KHorn - $1500 2 Cornwalls - - $1500 ( Pair) 2 Belle's - $3000 ( Pair ) 4 Heresey's H700 (Consecutive serial numbers) - $1000 (each) 1 DB6 Amp and 'matching' PreAmp and Tone Control (Make offer) 1 Dual 701 Turntable. (Make Offer) 1 Unknown model VHS HiFi Recorder NOT FOR SALE! Reasonable offers will be given consideration! Thanks, -Kyle
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