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  1. I do not have an exact angle but they need to be pointed towards the mlp and they sit about 4 feet above the mlp at 13 ft behind the mlp. So slight tilt downwards as well.
  2. I am looking to mount my two Klipsch RP250s speakers in the rear of my room. I do not want to mount them flush on the wall because I need to be able to change the direction of them to adjust the sound field. These speakers are pretty heavy ~15lbs. I recently ordered some Panavise 110120b mounts but it looks like if I want to use those I would have to use short wood screws into the rear of the speaker. They will probably never be removed but I would prefer to avoid drilling holes into the speakers. Any thoughts? I have been doing a lot of searching with no luck so I figured this community would have some answers for me. Thank you!
  3. I posted on here a couple weeks ago regarding an atmos speaker suggestion and got a couple ideas. I just happened to stumble on an awesome deal on klipsch pro6800c for my 4 atmos speakers. I cannot find a lot of reviews of these speakers especially for this application but am planning on purchasing them. Does anyone here have any experience with these speakers and are there any reasons not to jump on this awesome deal? Thanks in advance
  4. I like that setup! I'm almost teetering with the idea that for how much the 2 250s speakers are it may be in my better interest to run towers in the rear as well.
  5. Those look pretty nice for sure. Did you end up building enclosures in the ceiling for them? Also, I was looking at a really good deal on Klipsch PRO 6800c in ceiling speakers. Are there any reason those will not work for this application? Everyone seems to mention using the CDT5800 but like I mentioned before I dont really like the idea of spending $400 for ambiance lol.
  6. Im looking to put together a 5.1.4 Atmos set up in my new living room in my basement. My plan is to purchase 2-rp280f, rp450c, 2- rp250, r115sw. I do not want to use up-firing speakers for this set up and plan on using 4 in ceiling speakers. I know the CDT 5800 in ceiling speakers are the top of the line for Klipsch but they seem to also be asking quite a bit for what I would be using them for. I am looking for a good timbre match but do not want to spend $400 on each of the 4 in ceiling speakers. Does anyone here have any recommendations or experience with a set up similar to mine? Any advice would be appreciated. thank you !
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