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  1. I returned the Denon yesterday. I live about an hour away from Crutchfield and I called and talked to them about the situation as well. I think I am going to take the Heresys in and have them hook them up in their studio room to test them. Just like all of you have been saying, they also said I will definitely need a sub no matter which direction I decide to go if I want a punch of any kind. They also suggested a few AVRs that would match up with the power rating. Thanks again for all of your input...I'll update the post as I work through it.
  2. I have no problem returning the Denon. I wanted to run my TV audio through the Heresys too...I thought a 700W AVR would be plenty to push these but since I'm not an expert I could be way off. This might be a stupid question, but if I get an older AVR, I doubt I could use these for my TV also, correct? I'm in the Richmond, VA area. Should I abandon the idea of using the Heresys for TV/DVD? If not, what AVR outside of an older one would people suggest? My dad has always powered his Cornwalls with Onkyos...I had these set up with one in a corner and the other against a wall....Either way, it sounds like even if I keep the setup hooked to my TV and decide to pair with a sub, I should get a more powerful/better AVR. I'm already learning a lot and I appreciate all the feedback.
  3. Also - I mostly listen to hard rock / metal and alternative
  4. Thanks for all of the responses and suggestions. I have one placed in a corner, but the other one can't be in a corner because of my room layout. Unfortunately, my Reference sub was stolen a few years ago. I see the reoccurring theme in these responses just like other things I've read that Heresys just don't do bass well...I'm still just baffled at how little they produce. I will look into an older receiver/amp. My main concern is just making sure these are sounding the way they were meant to sound. I can live with using them in tandem with a sub, but if this is abnormal, I would get them looked at. I have attached detailed pics - anything look off? Also, what are the thoughts on the discontinued K100-SW sub? Thanks!
  5. **New to the Forum** - I just purchased a pair of early 80's Heresys in great cosmetic condition. I was introduced to Klipsch at an early age because I grew up in a house with my dad's 70's Cornwalls. A few year's back, I had a 10" Reference Series sub gifted to me and I was impressed with it's bass output - especially paired with my cheaper JBL shelf system that I had at the time. I was very excited to find the Heresys in my local area, so I scooped them up since I am setting up (from scratch) a new system for my condo. I purchased a Denon AVR-S510BT receiver (700W) and hooked up the Heresys this evening, and I must say, I was extremely disappointed in the bass output. I have searched forums on here, and I have also read reviews on other sites, and it's clear that low end on the Heresys is not a strong point. However, I was not expecting virtually no bass whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, the highs sound fantastic - crisp and clear as day. I didn't expect them to be comparable to the Cornwall's by any means, but I did expect the 12" woofers in the Heresys to have similar output that the 10" Reference sub had. Am I way off base here? To be clear, I am by no means an audio expert. Since I have never heard a pair of Heresys before I don't know what to listen for, nor what their bass standard should be. The settings in the Denon are correct from what I have researched. I do not have any surround or center speakers. The settings are set for front speakers and are set on "Large" with no sub. I have checked the positive and negative on both speakers and they are hooked up correctly. Have I just been spoiled with the bass response on the Cornwalls? Should I just pair them with a sub? It's just hard for me to believe that a speaker made by Klipsch and marketed as "2/3 a Klipschorn" would have so little bass response. Any input would be welcomed.
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