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  1. I am now actually considering The La Scala's. I was going over many options including the KL-650 THX speakers. I found 2 La Scala pro's for 1800 CAD = 1365 USD. Its not in the best cosmetic condition and needs to be refinished, do you think I should go for it? would any La Scala's match this for a center channel?
  2. Yea, the La Scala's are just too heavy and bulky plus I really don't wish to build anything massive to raise their height. After going through many options, I am leaning towards 3x RP280F's, 4x RP250's with titanium tweeters, plus 4 ceiling speakers. Is this a good choice? Or should I go with direct radiating speakers for the rear and keep 2xRP250's speakers for the sides? I don't know if mentioning this is a forum violation, but I am also considering PSA speakers too.
  3. Out of curiosity, whats the weight, measurements and power requirements of the LaScala? Since I will be using big subs, do I really need big bulky fronts too, as I will be crossing over at 80hz? That's good to know
  4. Thanks for clarifying that. Your theater looks sweet. I might have to bother sometime with a lot of questions. Yea, I want a seamless identical sound stage which is one of the main reasons I am going with an AT screen.
  5. lol! I finally figured out how to use the quote option . I am looking at the RF 7 LCR option, but if I go this route, what surround speakers would timbre match with it? Also, out of curiosity, what's wrong with the R-28F as LCR? I was considering the Heritage line, but it will eat up too much space after looking into it. I do find it fascinating though that a speaker design from the 60's can outclass a lot what we have today.
  6. Sorry, that's way too far for me, plus I wouldn't have the time to make the trip anyway. Although the pro gear might sound phenomenal, they are a bit too big & bulky for me, after checking them out. I will be more than happy with 6.5"/ 8'' woofers since I will be crossing all the speakers at 80Hz or higher. I am looking into the Rf-7 II's right now.
  7. I want to stay around $5000 USD for all the speakers. I will consider LaScala speakers for the fronts, then I will still need timbre matching rears, and ceiling speakers. Thanks for the welcome
  8. Hello! I am building a dedicated theater, and I will be using an acoustic transparent screen, but I am having trouble finding good sounding speakers, with a good price in Toronto Canada. I am building a 7.2.4 system, and don't need any subwoofers as I already have a few. I have been looking 3 x Klipsch R28F for the front LCR, 4x Klipsch R1650C for the ceiling speakers, and I am still looking around for 4 surround speakers, as the RS400B at Best Buy are too small for me. Anyway, from what I am reading here, people are saying the Klipsch speakers at Best Buy are rebadged and are not as good. If so, what model fronts should I be looking at, and where should I be purchasing it from?
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