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  1. tks, i found this website - http://www.sanus.com/en_US/products/speaker-stands/#tab-one. However, too many choices, is there any kind of compatible list that shows which one works for RP-240S ?
  2. thanks.. it looks Gibby's has better price than electronicsforless . Hope they will have some good deals for coming black Friday..
  3. My room floor surface is hardwood. Can someone here please recommend couple of good floor stands for RP-240S surround speakers ? Thanks..
  4. I want to buy Klipsch speakers for my home theater in Toronto. Then I found an online store. http://www.electronicsforless.ca/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=12_148&sort=20a&fltBrand[]=124 could someone please tell me if electronicsforless.ca is an Klipsch authorized dealer in Canada or not? Thanks
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