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  1. Im looking for a way to mount my kg2.5 on the wall want them off corner shelf.
  2. Carlosjr323

    Kg set up

    Ive heard the kg sub is rare. Would love to own 2 to complete my set up.
  3. Carlosjr323

    Kg set up

    The truth im blown away. This is my very 1st set up and just wanted some feedback on it.
  4. Carlosjr323

    Kg set up

    So i started building my system. I have Kg5.5 mains Kv3 center Kg3.2 sides Kg2.5 rears Kg2.2 front highs Synergy (2) 10" subs Being pushed by a pioneer elite vsx-90 Wondering what do you guys think of this set up
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