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  1. So high S/N ratio number is better than lower? The higher the number the lower the noise?
  2. Yeah I have a month to return my amp to amazon for a refund, which is what I might end up doing. Do you guys have any recommendations for an amp that I should get for these speakers which will minimize the hiss? I could go up to $200 in price if it's worth it, also would be a plus to have line-level subwoofer output, I plan to buy a sub for these speakers.
  3. I'm using these speakers on my desk with SMSL A2 amp. I'm getting a hiss out of the tweeters that is a bit too loud for my taste, because it gets annoying during quiet night time. It does not get louder when I turn up the volume, it remains a steady low volume hiss that becomes unnoticeable when I increase music volume.The hiss is there when nothing is playing and when anything is playing. It's also there even when I disconnected any input signal. As soon as I turn on the amp, the hiss starts. I've got conflicting advice about what could be causing this, so I decided to come here. Some said these speakers are very sensitive and make the amp's noise floor more noticeable, others said the amp is defective. I'm using 14 gauge oxygen free copper wire with banana plugs. Anybody else getting hiss? What could be causing it?
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