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  1. Thanks to all for your advice. I did end up returning Denon (listened to one in store and wife was not convinced if it was better than current Onkyo we have). Today I grabbed Klipsch R - 115sw from local store for 449 dollars. Hoping to turn it on this weekend. This thing looks huge.. From what I have learnt so far, if I use crossover low pass filter config of my receiver, this should help my receiver give more power to mid and high frequency signals (whatever power it saves from not having to amplify low frequencies). Anyone with experience please confirm if this is correct understanding.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I am attaching image of my speaker arrangement. Initially the towers were parallel to each other, I just moved them in a position to they are at an angle inward.
  3. Thanks Miliellie, sure it would be great if I don't have to shell out more money >> Why are you not sure if that current receiver is "good enough"? My understanding is RZ series is notch higher than the NR series and putting RZ receiver might improve sound clarity. Also, reason for looking for 120+ watts speaker is again the hope it may make sound more clear and give more energy to speakers - heck Onkyo rz marketing material says - "Your speakers will thank you" NR 609 is running good. I picked Denon x4300h from local store for a good deal but haven't still opened it.
  4. Hi, I currently have Onkyo NR609 driving 2 fronts - RP280fs and 1 center speaker - 450c. I really like our system so far but not sure if Onkyo Nr 609 is good enough for my speakers. 1. Considering upgrade to either Denon X4300h or Onkyo RZ810/RZ800. Does anyone have any feedback which one will be better? Our usage is 60 % music and 40 % movies. 2. Anyone compared Onkyo NR series with RZ series receivers and has any feedback on audio quality/clarity differences between them? Any pointers much appreciated.
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