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  1. ok, I could not get to listen and compare them locally at least in Raleigh area.
  2. Sorry , I meant RP-250S instead of RS-62II
  3. Thank you both for the warm welcome. Also, I am thinking that it might be ok to have RP-250S insted of 62 II for surrounds . What do you think? I was using Polk 60 all these years as my rear but i am loosing the crispness off late. Thanks again
  4. All, I am new to the community. I am currently looking to upgrade my Klipsch Hometheater setup with RS-62II Surround sound speakers. Please let me know if anyone looking to sell RS-62II Thanks and have a great day! RK My current setup: RF-7II x 2 RC-64II R-115SW Denon: AVR X7200WA
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