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  1. after a uncomfortable night on the couch i can set up the speakers your way =D thank you, nice community =)
  2. Thank you Guys =) I will keep you up to date =D
  3. Theoretically i can switch the 150s and the r14s ? the r14s on the blanket as surround and the 150s at surround backs at the wall behind the sofa ( old r14s) position ? =D i cant move the couch cause my girlfriend would kill me if i move something =D
  4. what would you change ? how would you replace the 150s ?
  5. Hey Guys =) i have a new Home and an new room for my new setup =) i get 2 Klipsch sw12 soon .... the room has 25m² i think this should work very well =) whats your opinion? btw the Rp150ms are mounted on the left wall and on the pillar =)
  6. the balcony door is not in use we have 2 doors =) can i use the Rp150m´s as surround speakers ? i cant give them back now =D are the place for the subs good ? cause my room is not so big to place them next to the tower . NEW Plan guys =D
  7. Unfortunately it is not possible =/
  8. Hello Community =) i attached my plan for a home theater what do you say about it? btw. the sw 12s are under my couch
  9. by the way i want to buy 2 x klipsch R12SW, 2x R15M, 1 RPrp440c too.. i think the bigger ones are too "agressive" for my room =) what you say ? =) the 260 are in my budget too so i think i buy them =)
  10. should i go with the R-28f or the rp250f for my home theater?
  11. Hey i want to buy a new Home theater.. i have a Denon AVR X1300 and want to buy 2 x Klipsch RP250f, 2 x klipsch R12SW, 2x R15M, 1 RPrp440c are those components fit well? sorry for my bad englisch
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