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    KG4 sound VS R 28 F ?

    Maybe I am just copper crazy... I can't imagine they would sound bette than my Kg2' and Kg4's running in parallel... My receiver has ratings to 6 ohms but it running clean at 3
  2. Zarger

    KG4 sound VS R 28 F ?

    Can anyone speak to the changes in driver components? The drivers sure look different ? Are they really 8 ohm or 6 like the KG's ?
  3. I have had these baby's a long time and enjoy them every night. What I am looking for is feed back from anyone who has heard the two. I would like to hear your impressions . I have never heard the 28 F but am looking to update, Tweets are much Different ... My RS-400 have a nice tweeter and full sound for a small box.