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  1. Hey Derrick ! tried everything @ 80Hz yesterday, with all speakers as small, and cranked up the gain setting on the sub to 2/3, and everything seems much better !! just a bit of fine-tuning and perfect sub placement and it's gonna be close to pure satisfaction ! One last thought: I doubt using the sub on my stereo setup (in 2.1) benefits to pure music listening, as my RF7s already go down to 32Hz and no music instruments (I only listen to real instrumental music) except pipe organs go that low (and I don't like pipe organs !). What's your view on that ??
  2. Thx again ! will try tonight...I'll definitely put all speakers in "small" mode, and try different settings with the XOs... my concern is that I don't have the slightest idea of the slopes on both my XOs: slopes are not adjustable because one is built-in on the R115SW sub, and the other one is built-in on my soundcard (ASUS Xonar essence STX II 7.1) would it be a good idea to try "overlapping" a bit the RF7s (say, with the soundcard XO set @75Hz) and the R115SW sub set @80Hz to avoid a "hole" in the frequency response or would it increase the chances of having a "bump" around that 75/80Hz zone ? I'll try different settings but it's really hard to tell, especially being a newbie with subs. I've had tons of great stereo gear but am completely unexperienced when it come to HT !!
  3. Thx for your reply Derrick !! My system doesn't have any autocalibration, the sound card sends a signal to each speaker one after the other to allow me setting the levels "by ear". This is pretty simple for the 5 speakers level, but regardig the SW level, it's pretty tricky... The distance cannot be changed much, only the sub's placement...and its phase. Do you suggest using the same 75/80Hs XO setting on both my sound card and the back panel of the SW ?
  4. Hello guys, I'm kinda new here, but have been reading posts of this forum for ages, thought I'd join to try to find the best way to get the max out of my beloved gear !!! Here's my concern: I've been owning RF7 (1st gen) for many years. I used to drive them with Audio research LS2 préamp + Audio Research V70 amp (tubes). I know drive them (for the last year or so) with an awesome Class D Audio SDS470 (2 x 300W RMS @ 8 ohms) and am really pleased with the Stereo setup. I listen to everything but classic and opera, but mostly blues, bluegrass, folk, acoustic, jazz... I recently got an awesome deal on a center KLF-C7 + RS3 surrounds (almost for free). I had a couple Rotel RB850 amps in my cellar and now use them to power the center C7 with one of them in bridged mono and the surrounds RS3 with the the other one. Sofar, so good... I just got a R115SW sub to complete my system to a real 5.1 setup. Everything is driven from my PC through an ASUS Xonar STXII Essence 7.1 soundcard. On the soundcard interface, I can setup front, center, surrounds seperately to "Small" or "Large" and there's a general setting for the LFE crossover frequency. MY QUESTION: what's the best setting ? Sofar I set the center KLF-C7 (response 75-20000 Hz) as "small", the RS3 (response 49-20000 Hz) as "small", and the RF7 (32-20000 Hz) as "large" with the soundcard crossover setting at 75Hz and use the same 75Hz setting on the sub... I have good bass but the addition of the sub somehow lets me a bit disappointed... Should I set the RF7s as "small" also ? I tried, but now I feel like I'm missing some bass... the bass on my RF7 (especially with the great classD 2x300W amp) in the primary setup is punchy and deep, I feel it's quite a waste to cut them below 75Hz... Should I still set them as "small" and then maybe crank up the volume a bit higher on the sub ? do you think that would make more sense ? I'm actually also in the process (dunno if it'll work or not) of trading my old 110V Audio Research tube pre+amp (I live in France and 110V gear suffers from going through a 220v->110V line conversion) with a mint pair of Klipsch Chorus (1st gen, with Electrovoice 15" woofer and bass reflex design). Do you think it might be wise to replace the RF7s with the Chorus ? The benefits from the sub might be more obvious ?? A pair of KLF30 might be in sight too...I would have to sell my Martin Logans but I don't uses them much anymore, I'm listening louder and louder since I started to take the Klipsch road !! These are my general considerations about my growing gear and I'd be glad to have some wise advice from guys who know well this kinda stuff !!! Thanks in advance for you thoughts/advices
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